This thing has a lot of awesome features. Lets go ahead and jump in and get right into it. So the hs710 is a foldable compact drone. As you can see here, it is very easy to set up out of the box. All you have to do is just unfold. These arms and youre ready to move on now. The camera on the hs710 is right here on the bottom and it has a 4k sensor on it. So you can definitely capture great footage. Now the hs710 is a quadcopter, so that means it has four motors and each motor has two blades on it. Dont worry about destroying these. They send you extras so now were going to go ahead and take a look at the hand controller up here on top youre, going to have your foldable antennas on the bottom youre going to have some grips that also fold out. So you can hold it nicer on the top here. You have your joysticks that will allow you to control it going up and down left and right and on. The front is also where youre going to have other controls, such as launching and landing and return to home feature on the top of the hand, controller youre going to have this little indention right here. So what you want to do is just pull that out and when you pull that out, you might see that it needs to come out just a little bit.

More and itll have this little fold down clip. This is where youre going to insert your phone and the hs710 comes with two batteries when fully charged will give you 25 minutes of flight time each inserting the battery is very easy, simply just slide it into the back, make sure it clicks and youre good to Go so what you want to do now for the setup? Is you want to download ophelia go, which is the app that is going to allow you to control and live view? The drone footage in real time so once you go ahead and get that installed, itll walk you through all of the steps and the processes on how to get that set up its super simple, just follow the prompts and itll tell you everything that you need to Do to get this thing going so once youve gotten this thing all the way set up and you have the drone on. You will see a little green status bar indicator and that means were ready to fly so now. All we need to do is just find a decently level surface to set the drone down on which were doing right here. As you can see, i just set it here in my grass: dont worry about setting it, there itll be just fine and then what you want to do is theres a little unlock button right here. You click that and thatll start the blades and then you hit launch and then once you do that.

As you see here, i just hit the unlock button and i hit the launch button and it takes off so now lets go ahead and look at some footage recorded directly to my phone. So you guys might notice. It seems a little bit quiet thats, because this drone does not have a built in microphone and even if it did all you would really hear. Are the blades wishing around its not a very pleasant sound. So i understand why they didnt put it in here now. The 4k camera on this drone does a pretty good job of picking up all of the details of the surrounding houses and the colors. It looks pretty good and for a small drone. The camera stabilization is actually pretty good. Now were going to go ahead and switch over to the live view in the app mode right now, im adjusting some settings theres a lot there. So once you get yourself one of these youll familiarize yourself with that and then what were going to do now is were just going to go ahead and launch it, and so you guys can kind of see all of the control features and some of the interface Features that this app has so on the bottom left. You actually are going to have a map that you can pull up and you can kind of see where youre at on the left middle. You see the little hs that will allow you to hit that and return to home theres.

Also, a feature on the controller. Theres also follow me mode, theres, a directional mode, theres, playback, theres, a whole bunch of features that i think you guys will really enjoy about. This drone ive honestly been having a blast with this drone, and i think you guys will too well guys. This was nathaniel dragon blogger checking out the hs710 drone from holy stone. If you guys want to check this thing out, i highly recommend it has a ton of cool features. It has control with just a remote or control with your phone. You can record to an sd card. You can also record directly to your phones memory. If you guys want to check this thing out.