So i said you know what im going to think about something i was looking at. The drones started investigating it and you know a lot of different schools are out there, but what i was looking for and i think you guys nailed it in the first few hours of the first day. I knew i picked the right resource to help me. What i was trying to find is: how do i get into the industry by doing it legally safely and by code and thats, just the military? You could go anywhere and hear oh its easy to fly a drone. I know how to do that. What i want to know is how the industry works from the standpoint of im. Looking at the faa, okay and i was taking my pilots license for a while flying and then boom and lost this. This eye started to back up on me and i cant fly by legal standpoint. So i said, let me see if i can find something else. So knowing how the faa works, uh somewhat somewhat uh, i thought let me find something so as i started to filter out through the schools um, this one came up and i started doing more and more research and look at some other previous testimonials and said all Right, let me let me give you guys a shot and when i came in immediately yesterday, it wasnt like im, going to show you how to fly.

The coolest drone, wait to see what i could do. Dude, it was more youre youre, coming in in the early stages, not necessarily infancy, but doggone close to it right that youre gon na go to uh, understand the steps in the breaking industry and then finding your niche and, and that was great, but then that marketing Value like we talked about yesterday with diego, as he said, if i could have changed your mission statements now to reflect this. How would your business have done now? We did. We went through marketing uh as well, when we did our restaurants, but i only told them 35. 40. It wasnt tooting my horn, but it was saying at least we did something right. We thought we could probably get 40 more percent out of the business. If we went his his model, but after reflecting back and talking to my business partners, who i was in business with last night after we sold, they said now, we probably would have done 75 business following that model. So understanding that you know when you own 13, pizzerias and italian restaurants, from new jersey down to south carolina, nine, two of them in raleigh uh, one was fully mined. The other was half and then the other two italian restaurants. I helped design. So we were like wow. That model would have worked so much better, so the guys that i was talking to my family that im talking to has nothing to do with my drone business.

So im going to be able to take that knowledge and take that skill set transfer it into whats in my brain, getting it out right. You know, because i know whats in my head. Nobody else can tap in uh. So no, knowing these questions now make better sense. Put yourself in the clients. Shoes has always been the right model and um. You know with search and rescue as a key for our business.