S Navy. I was in the uh aircraft field in the Navy, uh been interested in drones for a very long time. I have been to be a single parent. I have a 15 year old, thats interested in photography and arts and an 11 year old thats interested in technology. So to me, with the background of myself the interests of my kids, this seemed like a perfect business for me to get involved with um Ive been looking at this for a couple years now and Im so mad at myself for waiting this long to get started. But these past three days have convinced me that dont hold back just move forward and get involved. This seems to me to be the perfect company to get involved with, and the perfect company that I feel is going to be there to help you be successful. So so anybody thats on the fence, like I was dont stay on the fence as long as I did and if, if youre thinking about it, thinking about doing this, stop thinking and start doing so thats.