But what i’m going to be doing is from here setting up my stuff and then heading down to the southern part of singapore to be able to uh do a little review of the dji mini 2.. I almost forgot that, because they changed the name anyway, i’ll be heading off from here interesting place, that is the sports hub or what used to be called the national stadium. So right now, i’m just going to hit on my bike and head on down there and then talk about the dji mini 2. Applause, Music, hi, right, hello, everyone, i’m, fletch and i’m on my bike. Now, after setting up my stuff – and i will be going off to this place – where i will be talking about the dji mini 2 – it is about maybe seven minutes away from here and hopefully, while i’m riding, i won’t get distracted because i’m using a gps to Be able to navigate to that place, and hopefully you know i don’t get lost anyway. Today’S review would be more about a moto vlogger’s perspective on the use of drones right, so i had the dji mavic mini, which is the first one, and the reason why i got it was because uh i wanted something small that i could fit into my luggage For longer trips, uh for shorter one or two day trips, i could still put my mavic to zoom, which is so much big, but i needed something smaller that you know wouldn’t take too much space in my luggage.

So, as i was saying, luggage is a premium and obviously it’s important. That i’d be able to keep my clothes and stuff in electronics and then charging it. What have you, but the most important thing is, of course, being able to bring the drone after flying it for a couple of times. I realized that there’s nothing to do with it being light, although the new stronger motors for the propellers to me is that the drone needs to be well, i wouldn’t say reliable, but that needs to be to give some confidence right. So the problem is that if you notice in singapore uh it, then all the places i’ve been to in singapore it’s. Basically, a built up area it’s, an urban area, lots of wi fi signals and everything else, and then the mini mavic moon is basically um on wi fi. I couldn’t fly it very far. I know that i should anyway, you know it should be a visual line of sight. I need to be responsible and say that, but you know at the end of the day Music, if you can’t, be flying 100 meters and then lose connection now with the new mini 2 or the dji mini 2. It is now on ocusync 2.0, which is similar to all its top of the end uh model, including the mavic 2 and honestly, when you fly it, you know that you’ll never lose signal. The quality on the screen is clear.

You get hd quality, you see what you’re doing on the phone and so forth, so it’s important that you know you have that, plus the fact that now the motors, as i mentioned earlier, are stronger so getting more confidence in high winds as well. You don’t want to lose your drone to a sudden gust of wind that x number of meters right Music anyway, we’re, almost there uh about 900 meters away or almost a kilometer away from my destination. This thing here, i’m passing by is uh. I think our party is called the duck it’s an amphibious thing that they do water tours on. I kind of see the parking already. It should be on my right hand, side. So i’ll head off into the parking lot pass the guy and then see where i can get some nice shots right. We are here at our destination the parking lot that i want to go to um and then we’ll go and talk a little bit more about the a drill moments later i’m here at my destination and believe it or not: i’m right on the roof. The top of the car park and it’s got some nice views here, just check out what is behind me right. Take a look at that right, that’s, the singapore flyer and that’s. Basically, the point of origin that i’ll be doing my little flight. Talking to you a little bit about the dji mini 2 now i find it really hard to use that particular name, because we keep getting it mixed up.

So originally was the dji mavic mini and now it’s called the dji mini 2. it’s, basically the same drone but uh it doesn’t have the new features that features in the two, obviously because it’s brand new right. So, as i was saying, one of the reasons why i bought this drone is because it’s small and i’m able to put into a luggage. Let me just show you this is the dji mini 2, as you can see, it’s really very small palm size uh. It is about less than 250 grams, in fact it’s even less than what it was before. It was 249 and now it’s uh 2′. I believe, but if you add the old dji mini battery to it, then it actually exceeds the 250. So you have to be careful about that particular thing, so it’s pretty small, it fits the part of your hand and obviously you will be able to fit into my luggage right as opposed to the mavic. 2.. Okay, so let’s talk a little bit about the differences, so the first of which is besides the weight, of course, is the fact that it was running on wi fi for the original mini and the mini 2 is running occasion too. The other difference, of course. Now they started off with the camera at 2.5 k for the original mini and now it’s, 4k, and also because of the 4k camera. They now actually included raw footage for photos which i’ll try and take in in a little bit to be able to show you the quality as well.

And, of course, the most important thing for me besides occupacing is the fact that now the mini 2 comes with stronger models and these models actually can stand up to a level 5 wind condition, it’s, not very windy today, thank goodness, but i knew that even under The slightest breeze, the old mini or the original dji mavic mini couldn’t hold itself well against a strong gust of wind let’s see how this thing feels. I mean i’ve seen a lot on youtube, how it handles well on strong winds, less issues and everything else. I’Ve. Just got a new firmware update on this, so let’s take a look and see how it fares as well. I’Ll, try and put up as i’m talking i’ll put up the specs of the new uh dji mini 2, and let you see the difference between the two uh, but i want to show it. I want to talk a little bit about my perspective as a motovlogger to be able to see different perspectives. So you take a look at this situation here, ground level. You can see behind me the singapore flyer, great view and everything else, but that’s the only perspective you have if i was to go to a wonderful location, say on top of a mountain, something i want to be able to give the viewer the chance to see Where exactly i am how beautiful the surroundings are and how wonderful the place is so that’s, one of the important things for me getting that particular drone, and this review and i’ll share my thoughts after this as to how it fared and and my thoughts on flying It and how well it felt it felt uh flying up into the distance and so forth and interference, and what have you take off? The home point has been updated.

Please check it out: Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music. So right i’ve done my flight already, and here are my impressions. It definitely gives me it gives me more confidence in flying. It was different when i was flying the original mavic mini, because to me the signal keeps cutting off, so you don’t feel that that sense of confidence. So in this case i was flying it. There was some interference, obviously, because the flyer is fully metal. You know and there’s everything that’s metal around here, but the the warnings i got was few and far between i lost well. I didn’t lose connection i just stuttered a little bit, but otherwise it handled like a champ uh. I had zero wind uh warnings at all which to me was excellent uh, which would mean that the thing could handle all those wins. Although i didn’t put it in city mode, i was putting it normal. I didn’t put in sports mode, so it handled itself well under normal circumstances. Obviously, if it was quite bad, i put it to sports mode to just get a little bit more pumped inside, but it handled like a champ. I took it all the way to the marina bay sands and even past that, and i even zoomed into the new apple store, which is the first in the world by the way uh on the bay on the water. So that was interesting architecture and i also took some pictures as well now, when it came to control of the quality of the video for the mini, it was 2k.

I didn’t have any manual controls. You know i just controlled the ev, the exposure value that didn’t really help very much, but here, in this case i could literally dial it in you know to cut out the overexposed bits. You know everything was pretty clear: it was 4k. Obviously i could control everything and i took some photos. Obviously i’ll post up the photo uh here Music to let you see uh the quality that came out of the camera, now obviously i’m going to be doing some lightroom work. You know to make it pop a little bit, but maybe i’ll show you side by side original and what i did with uh lightroom, because it was in raw format. So you get more quality, more information out of the colors and everything else. And, of course, i could do better distance. Of course he had the quick shots. Now i tried a quick shot earlier on the flyer, but i don’t know for whatever reason, i’m not able to to select the object. I selected it once, but i lost contact. I suspect that there was a bit of high winds, because i can see jogging force for for stability and that could have been caused. It could have caused the problem there. Probably if i shot up my mavic 2, i wouldn’t have that issue but in any case i’m sure it works for most cases in this case for inanimate objects – i’m, not too sure right so uh again we can see uh behind me, the marina bay sands that’s.

How far it is here – and i flew it all the way there pretty awesome so anyway, folks that is my take on it. I think this is an awesome drone to get. I wouldn’t suggest to get this for beginners, because there’s no obstacle avoidance, you really have to know what you’re doing be aware of your surroundings. Practice in open field know what you’re doing then maybe take it out. You know lots of times. People have crashes and everything else, because they’re inexperienced i’ve flown many drones in my life. So i could comfortably say if you really really want, strangely enough, to get one with obstacle avoidance and i would suggest the mavic air, if you do have a budget or you have the money to spend, but otherwise uh. If you’re confident enough – and i know that many people have the dji mini 2 fellow youtubers as well – so i think uh to me – if you’re a confident flyer most of them have been flying drones for some time so that’s not an issue. Is it a good drone? Yes, is it a drone for normal stuff videos and simple things, not professional, yes to a certain point, but it comes close to it because of the video quality and photo quality uh. If you want a professional drone, get the matter get the air get the mavic 2.. Otherwise this is a perfect drone for you anyway.