So today everyone has requests for a review of the drone that i’ve been using for my drone shots. So my drone is a mavic pro uh. I bought it second hand from carousel, so yeah. I did not receive the box from the last owner, so what is this is. This is what i get from him. This is actually just a normal outside brand bag because he put the charger inside and this is the original mavic back. If you can see so i’ll show you what’s inside the package. This is. I bought this for uh he offered on carousel at 750. I managed to bargain up to 720, so this is actually the magic tool, so fly more combo fly more combo package. Why this? I choose the fly more combo because it has more items inside, like i think, it’s extra batteries, Music, remote control and then the blade guard and all those i’ll show you what’s inside the first okay. So for the charger. This is the charger for up to four batteries at one time, but this is, of course, not a singapore plug and then this one is for single but it’s for car car charger, and this one is the original uh for charging the remote control, it’s. Actually uh what’s, this called micro micro usb the normal, the old, normal samsung former, so get this away. I don’t know what it is. I never used this before. Okay, so i have extra blitz.

Well, this one. Yes, i think i know this one. This table actually have three of them: one is for the iphone one, lightning, cable and then there’s, two more yes, this is for the old samsung one i think it’s not mistaken, is micro, micro, usb, okay, so two types and of course the third type is already Attached to the controller, actually, this one goes here: okay, while this one is the type c for most of our new phones same as my oppo r17 phone, so three type of cable for you to connect the remote remote control to the phone. All right, i do have another spare bluetooth, so there’s, another blade, that’s, another blade right, so in total means. I have this four just now. Four. This is one pair. If you can see how you differentiate. Is this two circle here, one with the white line circle and the other one is full black. So if you can see here this one white circle, this one full black same on the rear white circle and full black, so that’s one, two, three, four: five: six! Ten remote control the tune itself and i have two spare batteries. Okay, these are the one that is always needed for your flight. So when i apply, i carry this back. The charger back i don’t bring so i have three batteries to fly. One battery will usually take around maximum 27 minutes, so this Music, remote control, is coming important in this choice of buying the drone.

Because without this you still can fly, you fly using your phone app and then you control from the phone itself. But then this is the one that i like, so this remote will take your drone to fly further away. They even sell another. I forget what it’s called it looks like a shiny dish, and this will capture the range to go even further. This is how you check your battery balance. It’S too boring two bar. I use this two. This is full okay, so uh now in singapore, when you fly a drone, when you buy a drone, you have to get it registered. As you can see, my drone is already registered with a caas sticker. This is this sticker is especially for this drone. Only so yeah. If you guys see a drone hot there, maybe crash landed somewhere on the tree uh. If it has attacked this one. I don’t know if it will be called stealing or what, but this is registered under my name, my nrsc and basically belongs to me. So what else can i tell you in a review? This is the gut to protect your camera from accidentally damaging your camera here. So this is a rubber guide here and this one one of the guard and this one another one inside. So this is see the gimbal, so it’s a gimbal camera, okay for dji product Music, for you to on base one kind of stepper, even for both the main here battery, and also this one.

How you on is you press? If you press one time, you would check the battery status right, so you press one and then press one again. Then you hear it will turn on okay same for the remote control yourself, Music, remote control, power button is here. So what you do? Is you press one time and second time, it’s connected okay? So now these two is being paired together: Music, you can fly this but means you’re flying blind. You have to connect your phone to. This is the phone grip right, so you put your phone here and then you connect the cable to the phone that’s, where you will have a visual for the camera in front of this Music drone. If you just like this, it still apply. Why not? I show you how to manual start listing both remote control in words down, and it will start the roto okay. So for you to fly this just left side up and we will lift up. I have a friend ceiling on top, so it’s quite dangerous. So same thing to power off down so it’s off so same thing, how you open press one, remote control, the same that’s, one time and second time, shutting down okay, so that’s the on and off get it started. Maybe what i can show you is on the screen. I think you you want to know more on the screen. Okay, so this is the starting page for your mavic pro app.

So if you press go fly, it will go inside the screen. Okay, so you always check for the latest firmware and do calibration if needed, for your compass, okay, the most important thing to me is before you fly. You need to, very importantly, is to this one ignore first, okay, as you can read here, on the top top left, it says your compass error, move aircraft or calibrate compass. Okay, what i can tell you about this is this: drone will not fly if you, your drone, is on top of something metallic let’s say, because when i took my course with nanyang polytechnic, the place bishan park have a pipeline underneath the flooring. So when i put it there, it won’t fly because there’s metal detected underneath the drone. So actually sometimes the compass is okay, but the location where you place your drone is also very important. So, as you can see now, my drone battery is only having 19 left. It already gives me a warning, so, as you can see here, bottom left will be your map. This is where uh indication of where your drone is flying. Okay, uh just now, as i said, the most important thing before you fly is actually to have Music, your home position to be recorded. Okay, let’s do this first, because it’s already my grip: where was it? Let me see three button. Oh here, okay see home point settings, so you have two type of home point.

This home point is a set current aircraft position as the home point. This is very important when you fly so in case of anything uh let’s say your remote control is out of range. You straightway press for home and your drone will come back flying to you again. Okay, so let’s cancel this. The other type of home is uh. Okay, so we can do this here with mobile device. Gps signal cannot acquire your location, okay. This is actually uh. Your home position is being set automatically as you move, because sometimes you can use your drone to fly to follow you, while you’re driving a car or riding a motorcycle. So the home position will keep changing so that you don’t have to go back to the original starting takeoff point. So that is the most very most important thing before you fly so here in singapore. It’S set your maximum altitude at 60 meters. So you have. This return to home altitude. Usually this drone is being set at 100 meter, but since singapore can only fly to 60, so that’s it 60 there and 60 maximum altitude. But when you fly overseas no problem, i have flown this in bottom tanyam, pinang, Music, no problem! You can go as high as possible. Okay. What else i need to tell you so yeah! I wouldn’t be able to cover everything in this review video, but i think i will just tell you of uh what is familiar with me.

What i’ve been using so slide up? This is a full screen. Okay, so if you can see uh, you will have this bottom. Here is the distance? How far away you are, and this side is the height. This is where you monitor the height and how far distance – and you have the kilometer here below the speed of your drone, while it’s flying so the camera setting is here. This is the camera setting over here and Music. Whatever settings that you like you, set it up before you even fly, so the good thing about this uh remote control drone is that there is a uh. I can show you from here. Your camera tilt is actually using uh see this is the camera tube and then, on the right hand, side is the white balance top make it bright. This is when this is important when you fly and then your camera faces the sunlight and it will just make your footage become very bright, so you darken your camera right, so basically that’s all. Maybe i can show you here so, like i told you before, you can start up the roto manually like i’ve shown you just now, or you can actually use this button here. See. Are you sure you want to take off? This is uh auto takeover positioning field. The aircraft will automatically fly to 1.2 meter above the ground, do not take off in aerospace or near crop. So when you want to take off you just slide this thing and you slide it.

It will take off. So let’s cancel that okay uh. What else let’s take a look step by step done? Okay, nothing here! This was the one i i’m telling you about c1 and c2. The center autofocus, on my left, hand, scroller, and you can see to the centering meter what they call it here. So we have a 5d button: customization okay. This is like a joystick it’s up to you how you want to set it, but i don’t use this this 5d button. I don’t use this. I only use the two, the two main joystick to fly and yeah the home button, and you have the sports mode on the right. If you want to fly faster but to fly faster. Of course, you will be using a lot more battery. So what is this mission code? I never use that. So this is a craft battery voltage, temperature, smart return, home direction will return home when remaining battery is only enough for rth. Yes, okay for this smart return home, i like to switch it on because, as your battery moves to 30 3 0, so it will start to stop every activity that you are doing and it will straight automatically fly back to your set home point. So critical battery warning, i set it up at 10, so that’s, the low battery warning 30 percent show voltage on screen. Don’T need time to discharge 10 days, so what’s, the next one gimbal camera gimbal.

This is for calibrating your gimbal and what else? Okay, you can set your units, i put it on metric. Of course, if you are in the us, you would like to change it to imperial in mile per hour. Okay, long press action, google control – you can even do live streaming on facebook and youtube oops let’s go back there again. Come back show flight route, okay, so flight route, this one i keep it on because after that you can check back where your drone has been flying catch you locally, when recording like this one. Actually, you can turn off because i think it takes up space, not just video catchy record. This is where you want to clear your video catcher or how you pronounce it catch, unlocking license or warning device name full screen. Okay, i think that’s about it. That’S, the app version micro version check for update this update is usually done automatically if you haven’t fly for a long time, that’s right to save battery actually before you go out and fly you own this, then they will automatically update it for you. So when you reach your site, you don’t have to waste your time and battery to update on the site, because it also uses this just now from the screen. This is the 5d button, so you can set it up to whatever function you want, but i never use this so far for this one that’s, the on button that i use and then this is the home button very important home button to go home so two Or the focus yes, okay, the two button that is uh used to control the drone itself, so this is flying up playing down, left and right this to rotate.

So actually, if you’re doing a Music fly around like my previous lamppost video, so as you go forward, then this one you to the left, so it will fly. You will circle around of an object. But then, if you notice, if you go inside the app there is an auto function that that you can choose straight away, it will do for you in an autopilot, no need for you to control manually. So, okay, the one that i was telling you is this. So these two is the c1 and c2, and this is okay. This one is for recording this is to take photo this one. So this is the left side. Okay, left side is for you to tilt till your gimbal camera gimbal. This is tilting on the right on the right side is for you to do your white balance right so that’s about it for the remote control, so yeah that’s all that’s, a short review, not not too short, actually for the dji mavic pro. I chose this actually over its younger brother. The dji spark spot would have cost me the 400 range, so i thought uh yeah. Why not? I take it up one level up to the mavic pro mavic pro is one of the first dji product, which is the top end, but now, of course, there is mavic 2 mavic air. I think those are newer in technology. They should be much even better than this, but for me this is enough for what is needed for me to make my videos.

It has a very good camera and controlling this is actually very easy, even when i first got it and straight away. If you see my drone footage playlist, my first drone video was going to the west coast park and yeah it’s very easy to fly, just stay away from trees. Okay, there is a sensor. These two are the sensors and there is Music. A bottom sensor should be that one there there is no Music real sensor, the i think the new drone they have a rear sensor, so these sensors are very good because, as it flies forward, something is in front. It will automatically stop uh. So when you are trying to land this way, something below it will stop so the disadvantage of the mavic pro is that there is no real sensor. If you go backwards, ghost turn it will crash because it don’t sense anything at the back so yeah. So that is what i like about the mavic pro. What i don’t like or not say don’t, like the scary, but okay, when i fly this drone, i always have. My heart will come very fast. Why? Because i scared of crashing this or losing this crash is not so much of a problem, because when i fly i don’t fly near to staff. I like to fly open, but the the most fearful one is when suddenly the drone and the remote uh out of range, that is the most scariest part, because i fly in before, and i saw there is a building in front of me.

So i took him around the building and i feel like this is the building i’m here, so this guy from here goes behind the building and one it’s reached behind i’m disconnected. I can’t fly this, so that is the most scary part. If your battery is low and you get a disconnection, i i don’t know what’s going to happen to your to your drone. But the good thing about this drone is like i said: when the battery runs flat, it will go home by itself or or worst case scenario if it is 10 and it can’t reach home means it’s too far, and it will automatically go down and land it. That is the good thing about dji technology. It will land for you, so you need to know where it’s landed. You check on your map and you go chest after the drone, but then, if suddenly, when it’s trying to go down and battery cuts to zero, this rotor will turn off and come crashing down. So there goes your drone. So please take care of the drone because it’s not a cheap one right you spending money on this stuff, but yeah. I like what i have so far. It took me quite a few flights if you can go back and check under my playlist for drone footages. There is footages from bottom tanyam shalom and then, if you go to my right, video, this even fly in laos and vietnam, so yeah uh, you will be flying with me for many more trips.

So if you guys have any suggestion or request for me to fly wherever you’re in singapore, of course we have to abide by the rule that we are able to fly. Let’S say you want me to fly in west coast park. Okay, i will go to westeros park and fly for you if there is any particular structure that you want to see from a bird’s eye view and we’ll write that and we do write a flag, okay that’s all for this video. Thank you very much for watching.