I know off off no cattle its, not enough room for two of us here good morning, folks, its uh 5 30.. We are at the jordan lake recreation area near raleigh, north carolina, its thanksgiving 2021, and it is 32 degrees outside, but we are pretty comfortable in here um, we dont have anything special with our airliner, its not uh, its not like slim, had all the pool noodles And reflect x and all that stuff we just have a regular, a liner and the boy is used to getting up at five oclock. So i guess were getting up at five oclock but um. Let me show you: it is 61 degrees in here i just turned the heater up 61 degrees in here 34 outside, but we are heating, the trailer with a little uh vornado heater, a little electric heater, its got various things on the top for various speeds and Things the boy has his uh special kennel under the table im going to try to get him a real bed under there right now. Hes just got a a big quilt to lay on and hes pretty comfortable im sure, but he likes to be cuddly, Music and weve kind of trashed the place with all our gear. At the moment, weve got gear everywhere and hanging stuff from the ceiling, but were gon na head down to the shower house. Take a shower, get cleaned up, get dressed, let akila water, the bushes and get breakfast and uh well be right back all right! Well, folks, we had a pretty good shower um the water is real nice and warm perfect temperature.

Almost the shower had those cheap little nipple shower heads up there. I think i figured out how you can clean them and make them work so theyre nice. You have to push them and turn them and and the inner works just kind of move and they clean themselves out theyre self cleaning. So i have to do a video on that someday, but anyways this campground is packed. I mean it is its not full, because there are a lot of double sites that arent used, but the overall uh campground is packed with large rvs, with lots of people in them, and they were when i went to the bathroom this morning. The toilets were kind of stuffed they flushed when i flushed them. They flushed but and cleaned up and all right, but um. The showers were in use at five oclock this morning must be hunters um, some kind of rough looking guys in there taking showers, theyre friendly and nice and everything, but they just didnt, look like they wore suit and ties for for life um. But the shower is uh is so small, you cant you cant, dress or undress in the shower. You get soaked and because its a uh, its a sensor that senses you in the shower. If you move the shower curtain, the shower comes on, so it was pretty uh pretty dangerous to get in and out of there. I took a piece of tape. I realized this when i looked at it the night before, but i took a piece of tape and covered the sensor so that it wouldnt come on until i removed the tape.

But then, once i removed the tape and left the shower kept coming on and going off just got from the from the uh the curtain moving so its a little weird but well take you on a tour were just gon na. Do a drive through and well well set up the cameras, so you can see the sights theyre theyre, pretty nice, sights its a nice campground but, like i say its really crowded its a big campground theyve got. I think five loops four loops and theyre all up and down the lake so well see if theyre open, they might not be open because its thanksgiving and uh really the campgrounds kind of closed. But this is a nice campground. Its got water and electric at every site, not not sewer at any of the ones. I saw check the facilities uh details in the reservation, its its reserve only because of covert theyre nice big sites ill show you my site and ill show you some of the other sites. So let me finish: eating breakfast and now well be right back! This is 11. across from it is 12., and then the white car here is 13 and a great big rv in 14. got a nice little class c. Pulling a uh escape and 16 17 is empty or 15 is empty, looks like 17 is empty, but its got all this gear in it. So i guess theyre coming back 18, its a great big thing and you see 19 on the right around the left and 20 on the right with the fifth wheel and the blue pickup at 20, with the blue pickup nice uh, a class a with two cars And all the details this is uh 26 is empty, theyve got some stuff left there.

27 is a double site. Only has one trailer on it. 28 is a double site and thats all uh two trailers going down a long way. This is site number with the garbage cans. I dont know what site that is, might be a host site. This is 31 over here, its 33 – i guess was that was a double site. This in front of us is 36 and 37 right on top of each other. This is 38. 37 is on top of ‘.. This is the beach the lakes down a little bit im, not sure if any of the sites are actually on the water, some of them, maybe but its a nice big beach in a picnic area, no glass cans or pets in the beach, not sure what thats? For hanging things on, for maybe life preservers or life rings Music, all right. What site is this? This is 40, the big old class a on it. This is uh. 43 hes got a little few too many dogs there, lady 45, 40. Eight. This is 49 over. Here – and this is the road with the bathroom down it, its a crossroad in the middle of the loop 51 thats, a nice big sight, its a little slanted, though not very level, heres 52 is a double sight. Its got a pop up and a regular camper on it 55, with a fifth wheel on it now theres a comfort station here, but its closed for the winter.

For the season. I assume thats just bathrooms. They have a lot of big double sites. They must have a lot of people that come here with family heres, a single fifth wheel on a double site. 59. here are some bicycles out on the road on 61, 62 and 63 are right on top of each other, 964. 65 boy. These are close. These are all close and theyre so angled, so that ones behind is in the face of the other one. This is sixty eight. Ah, this is b70 thats, a nice looking campsite, its got some good space between you and the other ones, and its right. Next to the bathhouse, well have to remember that one, its a shallow sight, but plenty of room for most everything. They have a real nice boat, launch big steep at the moment, because the lakes a little out of water but um nice floating dock for getting out and double double launch ramps, and they seem to have a lot of room to park. Pretty nice looking lake. This is the trailer parking area, the room for 24 parking sites for trailers. I guess you got to get here early. They have hiking trails and nature trails down near the boat launch site here: big sink area, lots of toilets as long as youre standing in front of that electric eye, its its giving you water and the problem is these showers are really small. You know theres theres, hardly any floor space to get undressed and the water spritz way out and then now the handicapped shower is better.

The handicapped shower is a big big shower, as they usually are theyre trying to keep the place. Warm theyve got insulation on the windows, but the heaters up on the ceiling, arent working so its pretty cold in here, its probably 50 or 40, or maybe even in the 30s, but its not bad its camping. This is camping area c, so we are looking at camping area c and theres, some trails going off here and thats uh c1 right there and thats c2 duplic site, so these all seem to be electric and water hookups too. These these are pretty. Damn close, though these are very close, sights a lot of tents. C10 is a big duplex site, great big massive site, now theres heres, uh, 12 and 13, and and theyre right on top of each other nice. Looking little trailers in here i dont see any liners, though, were looking were looking for the a liners. Where are they? This is pretty much the same as my loop, its got its a figure eight and the bathroom seems to be in the middle of the loop good morning. People it is friday morning after thanksgiving – and we are just packing up to leave jordan lake campground at crosswinds. Campground near raleigh north carolina – and i will tell you uh this place – is a major disappointment and there are some things in life that just make a difference. I guess and having a decent bathroom is one of them.

The bathrooms were pretty high tech, pretty new, pretty nicely laid out. However, the showers were motion sensor activated, so you couldnt get into them. Without getting soaked and the water was freezing cold, i mean freezing freezing cold for the first five minutes before they warmed up. Now. I being somewhat inventive, took the shower curtain and blocked the water and hung a piece of tape in front of the in front of the uh sensor, so that it thought somebody was there and it actually ran until it was warm but um. That was the first one, which was really tiny. I mean i had to get dressed out in the hall standing out there. Half naked and my shoes got soaked. I tried the handicap shower and that would not stay on you wave your hand in front of it. You dance in front of it and it would go on and off and every time it went off it would be cold again i mean it would warm up in 10 seconds or so, but it was cold and the shout. The the whole bathroom itself was around 40 degrees. I mean it got cold at night, but it was still cold. During the day i mean it was like so locked up. You couldnt get the warmth in there. There was no warmth generated and they didnt have heaters. They had heaters blowing in there, but they werent generating any heat. I guess the dump station, because theres no sewers on site, but theres water and electric, so people are using their trailers to the full use possible, is sloped away from the drain.

So i dont know how you empty your tanks. You cant empty your tanks, all the way im sure, because i hope you enjoyed some of this um. We had uh some bad luck, im, not in good mood anyways, because i had a flat tire. I had to change my own tire, get all dirty and then i tried to get it fixed and they couldnt fix it. They said and yeah. It was just a disaster in that way. So not the happiest camper from that angle either so anyways thanks for watching.