This thing is solid and super well made. The latches are strong and close very well, and i know they are not just going to pop open. This was one of the best purchases i have made for my drone. I still have room for even more. If i wanted to. I have several pelican cases, but i had never heard of nano after buying the mavic pro fly more kit, which includes a soft case. I started looking around and found the 920. This case is a must have if you transport, your mavic and accessories anywhere. Very sturdy. Cutouts are spot on, and the latches are better than pelican. Emo price is right would buy again ps. You can also put folding or flat accessories like sunshade, behind the toplet foam layer, love how strong it is, love the color and how it protects. My drone, i like the fact that the latch seems to be more stronger and bigger than the smatry hard case that i had only for two months before the latch broke. I didn’t even have the chance to travel with it. Yet i only gave the nanica four star, because i just received it today. It arrived as promised two day: free shipping i’ll give it five dieter as soon as i think it deserves it. But for now here is some photo comparison of between the smatry and nanak mavic 2. Hard case hope this helps out good luck at making the right choice.

I wish i had the first time i didn’t fully appreciate this case. Until yesterday i had set it down for a second that it slid away from me tumbling down a hill for about 10 to 15 feet landing in a stream Music. It floated for a while until i was able to get it checking it out later. There was no damage whatsoever and everything was dry. This case is the perfect size, not too heavy and will fit all your accessories. This is, without a doubt the best case you can buy for the dji mavic pro so much better than the case i had for the old phantom different manufacturer couldn’t be happier with it.