I think its like 27 minute episode was going by in case. You do not know what this is. It is murder drones done by the same people who did metaranar or you know, the studio, glitch productions which i was rooting for since last year and now actually seeing the fruits of their own labor. I, like im, just really really happy just comparing season two of metanar, which is much better animated than season one. Obviously you see that well with murder drones. It seems as if it is produced by a different company. In fact, ive seen people say this is a movie. This is produced, possibly well, not by pixar, but its really really high up there. Looking at the trailer, i honestly thought that the whole thing with their own eyes being or i should say, faces being screens and having you know this semi emoji expressions on them. I thought it was gon na, be it enough for me, but after seeing the actual episode that is further from the case they expressed, you know, emotions from love to disappointment to fear and everything. I know im talking way too much about the visuals of the show. You know harping a lot were not harping, but you know praising the animation the looks and everything here. But again you have to understand. I thought this show was gon na suck thats just my own opinion, but thankfully i was wrong. I was wrong about that and im happy to be proven wrong and enjoy this from the different camera angles or the actual plot of the show, by the end, being something else, because at the beginning, when you watch the episode, you think that it was going to Be about having these worker drones running away from the murder drones only for it to flip itself on the end, where you have the worker drones, trying to kill humanity, oh yeah, the plot or actually the premise.

The premise is a much better explanation than the plot itself. Basically, you have a company creating worker drones to go and mine for humanity on other planets until they had no use for them anymore, so they created the murder drones to kill the worker drones or in other words this seems to be a category for the worst Parts of capitalism – i dont know if that is intended, but that is what i got from it. As for the characters, there are many, but there are only three that you need to be mindful of, and those are oozy and as well as i think her name is v. I say this because shes very similar to another character, called jay as in both of them, are insane its just that jay is much more of a uh administerial type, you know being the boss, while v is more of a neo like ooh. Im really really like want to kill people, and i enjoy killing and uh. She was kind of annoying, and since we are on the subject, this kind of comes to a problem that ive seen in the episode, and that is explaining the jokes that they want to have in the show classic toxic masculinity, chad, thats, never gon na end up Problematic, i heard you uh im an angsty teen fad bite me id say everyone knows: khans daughter, but uh, crippling daddy issues, hilarious, no, more feedback on my repression. Today, no, i am gon na be honest with you.

I do not like these types of over the nose jokes, its like you know. I think this is called the jaw sweet and sort of joking, but there is places for them. So, for example, i thought this joke was actually funny im, not mad at you, by the way, just generally hormonal, with the rest of the jokes that are almost always like this kind of fall between okay and meh, and why did you even try, but for the Most part the humor still does work and humor itself is subjective. So whatever is funny to me, might not be funny to you and vice versa, stuck yourself just pop it in your mouth, our saliva neutralizes, the nanites right. Hey lets go in that landing pod over there. We are never talking about this. Ah, a uh job of blowing. It seems that he gave to her hmm, actually, no, she gave to him, but then again, hes the one who gave her his body fluids to heal. Wow, this is a really really good fanfic. All jokes aside, though, kudos to the creators being able to put a joke that is extremely suggestive in this manner. Where is actually funny and it does fit in this show, especially with the tone of it as im sure to anybody who has watched the episode so far, then i think you know just how much the show has this horror esque tone to it, which might fit Because you know its halloween, but i just love the atmosphere of it with a whole.

You know snow and darkness and again i thought that was gon na be a hinder to me to enjoy the show, but it wasnt. It was actually pretty awesome and it looks so pretty. I know i keep repeating this and i think youve heard this from a billion person so far who has talked about the show, but the show is just really pretty. I mean just look at the final scene alone with the lighting with the camera angle, with the effects and with the you know, the lighting and everything just wow. This is really beautiful from a web series suck on that ruby, no matter what happens, ruby must be mentioned in every single video that i make. As for themes i like i know, i have to talk about that, since people will be asking the closest thing we have is uh, i dont know parents disapproval finding out your parents arent, really the heroes. You thought they were because you sought their attention only to for you to realize that you dont need them their own approval to survive and blah blah blah its nothing really groundbreaking. But the scene where you see the father trying to actually sacrifice his own daughter, even though he doesnt want to but hes just so afraid so afraid of actually picking up the gun and fighting of actually doing. Something is just really impactful and you could argue there is another theme of just sitting there and doing nothing being afraid of doing anything being docile.

But again, i think we are looking way too deep into it, because the point of this show is just to have fun with everything from killing again killing drones theyre having fun, and i had fun with them, seeing the main character turn from somebody who wants to Destroy the you know, murder, bots and then its like hey. Can we work together and get off of this planet to somebody whos like im, gon na go and kill all humans where she has like this vengeful thing in her eyes is a very like satisfying transformation. Again for something that i thought i was going to hate for something that i thought was going to be mediocre for something that i thought i did not like. The visual style of you know the whole thing with the faces and stuff im really surprised that im really glad that im proven wrong this episode, this pilot is one hell of a way to actually sell your show. I will admit it does start off a little bit slow again the whole thing with the humor. It might not land with you, at least for me, but it does ramp up really quickly. So if you want to watch it go and do it on youtube as it is free, maybe you might discover other things that glitch production has produced because they do well a lot of stuff and they are a lot of fun. But with that being said, this has been my review for the first episode of murder.

Drones. So tell me in the comments below what do you think have you watched it and uh yeah? You know it is nice to be proven wrong.