I would think uh the big one here, of course, autofocus, which is nice uh, as well as a light, so a light thats going to hopefully help light you up, and it has of course, some different color temperatures. So what were going to do is were going to connect it to our computer. Here were going to see what comes in the box. Take a look at the specs, not not in this order and see what the image quality is like, because thats kind of kind of important right most of us are buying a webcam, possibly as a replacement for the webcam thats already in your computer. So were hoping that we get something better or were hooking this into like a desktop computer, that really doesnt have a webcam to start with, so quality can be important. So well take a look at this right now: Music, all right guys so right off the bat uh 60 ratings right now on amazon for the most on uh, four and a half stars that seems seems decent right uh. What is it? What does it say here? Three light colors and stepless adjustable brightness im with you, uh others, 1080p 30 frames. This one is 60 frames. Is that a i love how this is like blurry? You know, depending on what youre looking for really depends on. You know the what you want. I i shoot these in 24 frames even less than 30, because i want motion blur.

Do i look like im blurry ever? No, so is it yes? Does it its hard to say whether 60 can actually be better? If you get what im saying and you guys are going to be seeing this video actually in 24 frames, so youre not necessarily going to see the 60 frames per second quality, so just just so, you guys know uh fast and accurate autofocus thats good. If thats. If its true, i guess, built in uh, dual noise reduction, mics and a built in privacy cover yeah 50 bucks nope, not bad price heres, the box, mozart, 1080p, autofocus, auto autofocus. I almost went sideways there for a minute and you guys can see whats kind of on the bottom of the box right here somewhere right there. If you guys want to take a look at that right, i dont know if its its overly important theres theres some theres some stuff on this side too. Again, if you want to just where am i right there? If you want to just take a take, a gander, take a look at what it says again. I dont know if its overly important, but where am i here, im just trying to make sure there we go that were in focus, so we have uh. It looks like the camera itself. Well, just put that over there we get a tiny wee, tiny little tripod. You dont need much. These cameras dont weigh a whole lot, uh, so its nice that they throw something in plastic right yeah.

Will it hold this yeah im? Sure uh is it the best of quality? Would i put my expensive camera on it? No, but its kind of a throw in you know uh cleaning, cloth, thats kind of nice and a little manual. So as far as the manual goes, fonts look decent enough. Uh tells you how to make it function. You know and uh how to how to use the the the mount for the back. You guys can kind of see that right there yeah so yeah its good, its good. As far as manuals go. I think i think its its okay right and nice long, cable, which is excellent um. We only need it as far as the computer screen over here. You guys can see where the computer is sitting and but you could have it longer because again, you have a tripod mount which is going to be really good to get that all right and lets just lets. Just get this on there thats a nice thats, a lovely, long, cable for sure. Now, just you, you guys can see this a bunch of little stickies on here so ill. Take the sticker off this just get it off there! Okie dokie and you have one that are on the lights, so peel those off this can go on the tripod. If you want to, we may im not sure thats got a pretty good hinge to. It would be nice if they gave you access to those so that you could tighten them.

It looks like theyre not really accessible a little flip up there and if we bring our computer a little closer here, you can kind of see what were just gon na minimize that minimize all this stuff and and this basically, hopefully, can you guys see the top. This this, this would just ill lay it down a bit, maybe right there. Maybe you can see it there. You would just kind of take this and this kind of lays on the top there right and this can bend so you can kind of just get it. The way you want it so that when you straighten it back up again its you guys can see it on the screen right its pointing at you, so you just kind of get that. However, i do like that this can swivel and tilt. You know you can get it, however, you want once its on there good yeah thats decent, like that. Now i have to see if i have, because it is, it is usb a so on this computer, of course everythings usb c. So i do think i have an adapter somewhere. I just have to find it found one yeah, of course its mac right, so it is what it is. Okay, so were screen capturing here. What were going to do is plug this in just to give me my usb c port here we go anything happen up here. I dont know now it does have.

Hopefully you guys can see that right there. It does look like it has a little uh privacy screen. Yes, you can just pop that on and off training you can see that, hopefully you guys can see that right. It closes up. So if youre concerned at all, you can close that okay, we are in there, so lets find um i dont know. What can we use here? Lets lets bring up the old, maybe zoom, because thats what a lot of us would be using okay and im going to go into my preferences here. I think, and you should be able to see video. I got a little blue light, usb camera there. It is usb camera right because i could switch that to facetime camera theres, a facetime camera theres, a usb camera. Oh that looks alright yeah thats good. I think yeah. So right on the front here, you guys i dont know if you can see it, maybe in the top camera right yeah, so its right here right underneath the lens theres, a little button that you can tap and it just kind of goes through the different colors And itll give you a little bit of extra light way better than no light. You know well, this you can also. It looks like you can also on this side its just kind of slide up and down. So if i was there right on both sides, theres like little slide sensors that you just kind of slide over or you can tap that.

So you got a bunch of options, thats cool uh, so lets say i wanted this. One touch up my appearance yeah. Just for low light sure, whatever no um and thats thats thats good, so lets pretend we were doing a new meeting. I just just so. We can see it right. Good yeah, like quality, wise, thats, thats, pretty decent. I think again, ive got a pretty big light up here, but yeah the the focus seems to like this focus on my hand there, and then it refocuses back here. Its got a its it doesnt by any means have like a shallow depth of field or anything like that right, so uh autofocus is great, but its pretty much everythings in focus, but resolution looks good. You know. Weve got good resolution on the on the on the on the beard hairs right a little bit over exposure exposure in here a little tiny bit. But again i got a really really bright light, just kind of sitting off to the side here which most people wouldnt uh im curious lets, just turn that light up just to see what it would be like hold on. So now now were in a dark. This is dark room right, dark room, so lets see what that light would be like any is it oh yeah see thats helpful for sure right now i could be like lets change it to more yellowy color right, a little bit more of a both and then Off yeah thats definitely useful if youre like doing stuff in the dark at night.

I didnt know how useful that would be, but thats yeah, thats useful for sure. Okay, thats good and you guys are seeing the image quality yeah its all right and its its its decently wide. And again i like the fact that you can just kind of angle this to be like. I just need to be centered more. I need to have it down a little bit or whatever it is that you want. You know, just you can just kind of spin it around yeah im. Okay, with that im, putting this light back on hold on all right, so uh. I think i think thats all right, thats a win. You know uh its its a webcam. Now i say that, but weve tested some webcams before that were just like, ah its its okay, its doable its passable this one, this one, i would be fine with for sure 1080 right, it says, 60 frames, so it does feel like its at least what im Seeing its definitely feels smoother than some of the other ones and its probably that additional frames is that its super important to me? No, it may be important to you, though. Lets say you are someone whos capturing this kind of stuff and like youre, a gamer, maybe so youre capturing your games in 60 frames. You want your camera to match in 60 frames, so everythings got that same smoothness to it right. So then, then i get it 100.

You want your footage to match all right, guys, uh thats, the i dont even know what its called now anymore. What is this called of 60 frames per second 1080p webcam yeah decent for 50 bucks – us not not too bad and right now save an extra 20. When you apply this coupon code, so thatll give you like 10 bucks off yeah math yeah, they said id need it. Oh yeah, all right guys, im gon na leave you there links down below again uh like comment share, subscribe, hit that little notification bell and we will see you find folks uh later on thats it go buy something i guess i dont know watch another video im.