They look and feel good quality. I, since bought another for my three five years old since being so impressed with the one bought for my five years old. I simply showed them a few times how to open and close and have not had a single issue Music. I would recommend these. They are also very easy to keep clean. They have no straw or complex valves, etc. That have always worried me keeping them clean Music. I am sold on this type of water bottle now, Music, this bottle is lovely, really beautiful, design sturdy handy little wrist strap. The only issue i have is it doesn’t have a straw and the spout to drink out of is so small. You can’t get much out in each mouthful. I am aware it’s meant for kids, but it’s the only decent, beautiful bottle i could find so anyway. I use my own straw, but it doesn’t fit properly, so i can’t put the lid down. So if i am out and about i can’t take the straw, i am disabled so having a bottle like this is very handy, just a shame about lack of straw option. In my opinion, my five years old daughter is in the habit of dropping and breaking every drinks bottle. We have bought her. The saying goes: you buy cheap, you buy twice or in my case four times. Fortunately, i came across this product. Yes, it’s a tad pricey for a plastic container that holds water, but it’s fantastic quality comes with a cleaning brush and has a nifty locking mechanism on it.

It also has a perfectly sized handle, so she can hold it securely. The most important thing of all is that it’s shatterproof, which i can confirm it actually as as she’s, had it all of two days and has already dropped it into the road getting out of the car and it survived. She also dropped it down the stairs and not a single crack. Whoop whoop great product – and i highly recommend the drone – has a sensor function capable of detecting obstacles, function to drop slowly and shake the height can solve difficult situations fully charged with a rechargeable device. Playable, for a long time, my sixth year is constantly asking for a drone. How kids know these things is beyond me? I was not about to pay the money for an expensive item like dip for a six year old. I found this one and although it is a different shape and design, it flies and you control it, and a lot of fun one suggested is stay away from the trees or the top of the house. Yes, we found out quickly. A large open area is much better, especially when the child is still learning to operate.