It will contain relevant information specific about the product only Music. I want include random lines such as delivered on time, because this doesn’t influence my purchase and is not important enough to me when deciding to buy the product review. First, off the attention to detail is worth the price tag: don’t buy a cheaper supermarket product, they will leak unlike this product. It is well designed and aimed in every respect to appeal to the child there’s a small filter at the entrance to place pieces of fruit to slight flavor, the water or, you can add, a small piece of ice, cube, flavored or otherwise. They’Ve added a cleaning sponge to keep it clean, great product and highly recommend Music. My sixth year is constantly asking for a drone. How kids know these things is beyond me? I was not about to pay the money for an expensive item like that. For a six year old, i found this one and although it is a different shape and design, it flies and you control it, and a lot of fun one suggested is stay away from the trees or the top of the house. Yes, we found out quickly. A large open area is much better, especially when the child is still learning to operate. This unicorn unicorn, goodness for my seven yo after her last bottle broke. This was more expensive, but i think we might have finally found one that doesn’t leak, yay, no more wet school bags comes with a little strainer for fruit in the bottle.

The button press flip lid works really well and good that it can be easily locked. Such a brilliant buy my three year old, absolutely loves it, and doesn’t want to use any of her other beakers at all it’s, so easy to clean and the brush supplied is handy to help clean properly upon reading reviews, i was weary because some stated their child Choked whilst drinking out of it, but so far so good as she hasn’t choked, whilst drinking from it plus it’s, been dropped a hundred times and isn’t broken, the design is also very adorable, he’ll be buying again Music. I brought this nearly a year ago for my daughter to take to nursery and then school later in the year, easy to wash it doesn’t hold the smell of juice, like some cheaper bottles, i’ve brought it’s been washed nearly 300 times, and the design is still intact. It’S totally leak proof once the lid is on, so her school books remain dry. I also like that, if you leave the fruit filter in even when not adding fruit to the water, it slows down any spills if it gets knocked over without the lid on Music waiting for a new design to come out. So my younger daughter can have one too. I hate matching my daughter’s things, Music. I have bought a lot of bottles over the last few years for my girls, and these are by far the best they do not leak when closed properly and have survived being dropped.

Once or twice they look and feel good quality. I, since bought another for my three five years old since being so impressed with the one bought for my five years old.