Today Ill be reviewing Lego, set number 76184 Spider Man, vs Mysterios, Drone Attack.. It has a retail price of 32.99 in Australia and 19.99 in the US.. While this may be marketed as a Spider Man No Way Home set, it actually has nothing to do with that movie.. Instead, as you can see from the message here, this set is actually inspired by Spider Man Far From Home. Hence the focus on Mysterio.. This is a pretty simple set with Nick Furys vehicle and Mysterios drone being the two things you actually build.. Nick Furys car is very quick to assemble and the design isnt anything to write home about.. The reason for this is because this set is aimed at young kids looking to build with Lego for the first time.. As you can see, Lego recommends this set for those aged four and above. To accommodate this. The building instructions are actually simpler, no stickers are used and the vehicle base comes attached to the wheel holders and cant be removed.. Mysterios drone is also a straightforward, build., Its a little too chunky for my taste, but does have this neat play feature where it shoots out round Lego tiles.. All you have to do is push one into the slot at the back and it will come flying out at the front. In terms of minifigures. We have Spider Man in his black and red Upgraded suit, which we didnt get in any of the Far From Home.

Lego sets so its pretty cool that we actually get it now.. He comes with a web piece and a web line which can be used against Mysterio.. The Nick Fury, minifig thats included, is one weve seen before in previous sets.. Fury comes with these two ray guns, which really should be proper guns, but their inclusion is understandable, given this set is aimed at young. Kids.. Mysterio, though, has to be the best minifigure of the lot.. This one features a design thats accurate to the film. Unlike the version we got in the Far From Home sets., I love the torso print and the satin trans light blue helmet over an unprinted dark azure head really makes the whole minifigure pop. In terms of accessories. Mysterio comes with a control for his drone and a gem that he has presumably stolen.. Overall, this set is great for younger builders, but older fans may find it lacking and a little over priced. Do get it if youre after the minifigs, but otherwise you may want to give it a miss..