It says inspired by spider man homecoming. So while this box art says no way home, the scene probably is not actually in no way home. I got this early from england. A website over there called youngsters world accidentally put all of these sets up way early because they dont come out until october 1st, but they put them up and i was able to order them. I shipped them to a friend in england who then turned around and shipped them to me here in the united states, so thats how i got this early and yeah with that being said, we do get a new minifigure for the spider man integrated suit, which is In the film and we get a new vulture figure, the build honestly is a little bit zany, but i like it way more than i expected so without further ado. Lets, get into the set review and start breaking all of this down. So our first figure to look at is spider man in his black and gold integrated suit. I grew up in pittsburgh pennsylvania, so this makes me think of the steelers, but it is a very, very cool figure. I love all of the detail on the torso. In fact, lets get a little closer in there, so you can see all of the detail on the torso and the legs, its truly amazing. Ah no pun intended talking about spider man, but he does have arm printing a nice touch for any marvel figure.

For that matter, but yeah its a really really great looking suit its hard to talk about, though until we see it in context in the movie like to compare it. But i do really like it. I remember when all of the images for these sets kind of found their way online. A lot of us were saying: oh man, its like a suit thats not going to be in the movie, but thanks to the toys and stuff, it appears that it is in the movie watch it not be in the movie and then me make this whole review. Like a couple months early just to have the pie in my face, but yeah it does look really great, so lets look at vulture next up next, we have vulture and ill just give him a quick spin. So you can see how big the wings are. Its really amazing and the wings on this are so much better than the spider man homecoming vulture from the movie sets a few years ago. With that being said, let me bring the camera in just a bit, so we can see more detail and it does look. Fantastic lets actually start on the outer wings. So you can see that hes got these little kind of fingers. If you will on the ends of the wings, so you can see hes got these kind of fingers on the ends of the wings. Each one gets its own sticker and then theres two stickers on the inside on this little panel and on that panel.

Then you have these giant turbines underneath that, of course help him fly and that does spin thats cool its on a little hinge there. So you can move the turbines and you can move each of the little feathers. If you will on the end bringing the figure over. You can also move it at his back latch right. There theres one on each side and when we flip it around speaking of sides, you can see that there is one big sticker on the back, and i like that. It kind of looks like a vulture. You know like with the little beak there coming down the eyes i dont know maybe thats just me, but anyways lets actually take a look at the figure all right. So here we are with the figure. It looks really great. He doesnt have leg printing, but honestly he doesnt need it. It looks really fantastic and its such a huge upgrade from the original version a couple years ago. You can see that you can lift up the goggles on the front there and you can take this helmet off and then take the head off to see. Hes got that nice breathing apparatus, so lets put the head back on because you can see that one side is actually like opened up, so you could see adrian tombs face then. The other side, which is what we were looking at before, has the green eyes coming down and you can see hes got an angry face.

I really really like that. If we lift the head off again, you can see that he does have some printing on the back of the torso. That really looks great and hes got a little purple diamond here and a little stud shooter gun and it just comes together so well. I really love this figure and honestly, i might like it even more than the spider man of this set, but time will tell so as for the set itself, it comes with a bag full of webs and theyre honestly really cool in this gold color im gon Na be really shocked if spider man shoots gold webs in the movie, i feel like thats like something thats just made for toys, but it is cool to get a different type of web. Now we already looked at spider man. We already looked at vultures, so here is the drone, its really pretty expansive, and just judging by the box art, i expected these arms to move, but they actually dont. It stays pretty much perfectly in place with the exception of the four uh. I guess little propellers that turn the whole way around. There are two stud shooters up top and the front part opens just like this. Then you can take your spider man, minifigure and kind of lay him back in there and he fits in just like that. Now you can spin it around. You can see that there are some stickers on the top and the back of this, and i think its actually cool that its kind of actually built to look like a spider or a bug.

Anyways. You can lift up this trunk piece here: thats, pretty cool theres, a little trunk back there that can open up, and inside of there is oh, i just dropped it, but its a little spider here. Let me pick that up and there we go theres the little spider piece, its nothing big, but anyways. It is really really cool for a build its a little too zany for what i like, but you can take spider man out of there and, of course, theres. This kind of like golden string piece, which acts as a web, its the first time ive ever seen this piece used as a web in a spider man set, but it does kind of allow you to have spider man swing from it, and it does look really Great when its all said and done, all right guys well drop a comment below and let me know what you think of this set and be sure to hit like and subscribe, because i actually have both of the other no way home sets early as well. So you can check out those reviews here on my channel thanks. So much for the support ill, see you guys on the next video and until next time build on well youve made it to the end of the video you should hit like and subscribe down below. For more lego content for me, because i post just about every single day, youll be up to date on all the latest in lego.