In 2019 i took a trip on an airline called go air ever since they have rebranded to go first, but after todays flight and experiences, seeing some very shocking crew behavior, the only appropriate name for the airline would be go first. Safety last, but lets take a trip from mumbai on their kind of business class product, which goes by the name of go more all the way to delhi, Music, Music, guys beautiful good morning from mumbai right over there terminal 2, where im departing from today on goal. First but im going to tell you more about it as we proceed through the day, so im gon na go head downstairs now, im staying at the radisson here, so its really beautiful airport hotel. Just next to the terminal, highly recommended gon na grab, my staff were gon na. Take a rickshaw were gon na. Do an indian style and im gon na tell you more about the fifth largest airline of india so lets do this lets go to terminal 2.? Music. Thanks for the good stay, hey, thank you so much hi. So welcome to the airport, always love taking a rickshaw. You should try the same unless you mind all the toxic fumes or the noise pollution thats happening in mumbai traffic, but its the most authentic way to travel to the airport. Now lets go and check in Music. So a bit of a situation – i i was not allowed into terminal 2 because apparently i go first is now living from terminal one.

I know that im back for my days, because all domestic flights all low cost carrier they operate from terminal one. However, until yesterday and even on my mail – and they sent me seven mails of schedule – changes at set terminal two, so they wont. Let me in so im gon na head to terminal. One now lets see how this is going to unfold anyways. Now i have to get a taxi, apparently thats. The only way is to take a taxi to terminal one. So lets try and find someone who takes me over there. Hey are you. I need to go to terminal 1.. Can you can you take me there? Okay: 100.. How much? How much is it give me a price 100 rupees right, 100 rupees, the guy, told me its 100 to go to terminal one, even the security, 100 parking. 200! No, no! No! No! No! Come 150! We have a deal. Come 150.. Come on! You dont, you should get customers here. 150., no come on come on problem no. 150.. 200.. Okay, 150., 175, okay, 175., 175, okay, youre on youtube! Right now i give you god lots of business, okay, 175 and if youre nice, i give you maybe 200., no problem. Okay lets go uh youre from mumbai terminal 1 domestic airport. Yes, because you got nice guy, 200, okay, yeah 200. Have it deal yeah deal deal no deal very good. Thank you. Okay, thank you. I think ive been terribly ripped off, but im 11.

yeah good. Your lucky day, hey lucky day lucky day, i can tell you made a deal of a lifetime: okay, okay, one one yeah, no problem, no problem! No problem! Only me problem losing much money. 200, rupees crazy. I can drive to delhi for 200 rupees annoyingly. We have no english yeah. Of course i know hindi. Thank you. So here we are welcome to terminal one always fun getting ripped off in india isnt it all right now lets find uh go first and lets go to delhi, Music, all good finished. Thank you very much hi. I feel so sorry. If this someone have you sorry for in this country, its definitely checking agents here in in uh in india, its such mayhem. Here, no rules were trying to be pushing to be playing every trick possible to use a priority check in counter. Ah, dear, i love india last time i was here like two years ago, i was told off by a bunch of police officers, not to film lets, see how that goes today, but all checked in 2f go more go more sd business class, its an interesting concept, But tell you all about it once we are on board, but now lets go for security checks, security checks. If youre a vlogger in india intense you have to literally take every cable out of your backpack. It always takes forever for me, but of course, safety. First, Music so went to the screening and for the first time i wasnt picked for secondary screening.

I could just pack my stuff and go my india security check. Game is getting really good and right now we are at terminal one santa cruz, which is the original terminal of mumbai. That was the international terminal back in the days, but then they uh came up with the terminal 2, which is a beautiful building, one of the most beautiful terminals ive ever seen. Also, this flight has changed seven times, so i got several emails over the days over this past three days that the departure time is changing and then the last email set um. It went back to the original um time. So that is how much of a headache uh go. First, it was giving me that i didnt even know which time i depart and from where i depart, but now its all good, two more hours to kill and uh yeah check in experience here is always so much fun. I dont know how they want to check. Like theres literally 15, people that want to check in at the same time so when youre at the counter people coming all the time and crying something. So if you want to punish someone in india, let them work as a check in agent for a low budget airline. So i i i have my highest respect for those people instead of like uh sentencing people to like community work or something like that work a week as a check in agent theyre never going to commit a crime ever again in their life, 100 sure Music.

He clearly didnt want me on board here. I know thats all good, no problem. It was then time to board the airbus a320 neo of which the airline is operating 51, with an additional 93 more on order. The plane has 186 seats in total and usually the first two rows are dedicated to the gold, more passengers with a blocked middle seat. So – and this is it welcome to go more so what is going on? The more is pretty much the new business class concept. Uh means a blocked middle seat, as you know it from the european carriers. As you can see, this one is going to stay free. Perhaps i dont know somebody dropped his stuff there, perhaps somebodys sitting. Is there um as well and but thats all it? Is it doesnt include a meal? It doesnt include any other benefits other than priority check in at uh at the gate, and luggage is always included, doesnt matter where you fly economy or the lowest of the lowest because indians, they love to travel with a lot of stuff, always packing a lot of Gifts for the aunties, so this is why its very common that it always includes czech luggage, which is totally unlike uh, well very different to what you know, especially from europe, where you always have to pay with a low cost carrier. If you want to check a back but yeah thats it so as you see on golfers theres, definitely no safety.

First. She now asked me to store the bag on the seat in the middle, and i told her youre not supposed to do that. That is not safe, well, thats, not safety protocol. I dont worry about it. I said: okay, your responsibility. We do it, but no safety. First on go first, hi! Technically, you are allowed to store items on the seat as long as you secure them with the seat belt, but since the items are too big, she asked us to hold them during takeoff and landing, so they wont fall off, which is complete madness. The cabin managers number one priority should always be to ensure the passengers safety, while on board. This was a clear and obvious breach of the safety protocol and puts the well being of their customers at risk, considering that this was ordered by the cabin manager and very shocked how little awareness go. First screw has for cabin safety Music. The flight to delhi takes around two hours and luckily i pre booked some chicken curry rice, which was handed out together with a bottle of water. The fruit was a little too spicy for a fragile white boy like me, but overall, full of good indian flavors Music. So were touching down in delhi in like in five minutes, uh and ill. Give you full summary once youre on the ground, but yeah i really enjoyed go first, the airline, where you can comfortably store your bags on the seat.

Next to you, because safety doesnt matter crazy, so many floors – i i i talk about it all once once im on the ground, but now enjoy uh landing in delhi, lets see what the pollution is like today once again for landing the back stayed in the seat And the crew asked me to put a hand on it, so it wouldnt fly through the cabin on touchdown such a shocking and irresponsible behavior that once again jeopardizes the safety of all the passengers on board Music. Look at that crazy dent well done! Go first! Well done so guys, and how do i summarize todays flight? I think the most suitable word would be shocking and irresponsible, because the most important job of the crew is to ensure the safety of its passenger as well as the cabin, and this is where the crew, especially the group manager, failed miserably today and theres no excuses When it comes to safety, especially in aviation, that is how i think and asking me to move my back from the overhead bin to the seat next to me and ask me to hold it down for takeoff and landing. Is i dont even think that is legal and this shouldnt be happening? Uh especially i mean some people may say. Oh, this is a little thing in case of an emergency in case of evacuation. Those small little obstacles make a difference and thats. Why we have rules in place, but then your question is probably josh.

What do you want to achieve with this video? Well, i do really hope that someone from go first is watching this and is sending a reminder to all their cabin crew to make sure where your priorities should be, and that is safety and that shouldnt be neglected. And if i contribute a little bit with this video and this message to create a safer and better environment for all of us, then my mission is completed. So this is what i want go first, please do be on your toes when it comes to these very important things, its not just important to you, but to us passengers as well. This should be it for todays. Video really hope you liked it um. If you want to support my work check out my patreon, the link is in the description box below leave a like. Let me know in the comment section what you think: um about todays flight and whether you have encountered similar situations and how did you deal with them should be it for todays video. Thank you so much for watching and wherever you have to have a safe trip.