Our lab has built a new drone, so i had to take the drone education in korea. Drone license is divided into four grades. It depends on aircrafts. Weights first grade is the highest level, and first grade is the lowest level first degree is qualified to fly a drone, which is less than 150 kilogram, and fourth grade allows only under 2 kilograms. Under the 250 gram like toy, they dont need to get a drone license. In my case, i chose the second grade license because new drum boat in lab weight is 12 kilogram. Third and first grade license need to education, but not a test, but first and second grade license. It needs to draw a license test is necessary. The test is consisted of two steps. The first one is a written test and the other is practical test. The written test asks the basic things about drones: for example, the specification of drone and transmitter drone safety, rule neutron, john drum battery management, how to deal with emergency, how to permit to fly in sky and so on. The practical test is consists of five steps, hovering going forward and backward flying along the triangle shape, trying along the rhombus, shape, cross wind approach and landing. I introduce you to the practical test in more detail. Here is the flight john. There are four lower cones on the ground, hovering hover over the landing field and check the drum movement going forward and backward go to the travel clock cone and come back to the middle point.

White along the triangle shape go off to the diagonally and go down diagonally line along the rhombus shape is go to the nine oclock 12 oclock and 3 oclock and come back to the landing field. Crosswind approach the landing go to the 3 oclock and turn the right side, but actually these pictures can show you the turn the right side and come back to the landing field and landing the first time i was buried. I was very nervous and a little scared because the drone size is bigger than i thought. The weight is 12.5 kilograms and the size is similar with combined four large pitches, though also the sounds from drones was very round so im happy im, scared, im, so nerd. I was so nervous when i flying drawn. There are two difficulties. The first one is controls are very sensitive. I pull and push the sticks very slightly, while the drawn, but draw move very drastically, so it means um in need more detail and in required, very delicate handling, delicate handling. The second thing is weather. In nice weather we can get many many hints from shadow and grass blowing, but in the bad weather we can, we can Music get anything from shadow or grass blowing, so we need to more attention, especially windy day windy days. The drone was very shaken shaken a lot so when we control the aircraft, we need to consider the wind effect. I practice for 10 days, actually im not sure to pass the exam until the day of the test, because to know draw where to know where drone is, i memorized the size of the drone over the correct locations, but i couldnt perfectly so that time i was Very frustrated and worried yeah, but i made up my mind: dont, be nervous and just show my skill.

If i fail this test, i have i have another chance to apply this test, and this is my real positions, so i will have to learn more and it is right to do so. The day the test day. The test is conducted for 15 minutes and i made a mistake and the fly fly along the triangle shape this go down. Diagonally parts. Yes, i was not good at go down. Diagonal diagonally, um, im, worried and a little bit sad, but i felt so refreshed. Fortunately, i passed the exam thanks to teachers, supervisor and professors, and my friends uh i, when i heard of pet, when i heard i when i heard i passed the exam im so happy im so pleased and im proud of i re. I was really proud of myself. My efforts were worried, rewarded. My efforts were rewarded. Yeah, if you, if you prepare some exam, never give up. Do your best im here for you and you can do it good luck.