Yes, we're back in business, the the lock downs are lifting around here, so I can come out to the studio and finally make some more of more review videos and look what we've got here. It is another wholly broke product, you've guessed that, because you've read the the title to this video so I'm, not surprising you am i. What I'm gon na do, though, is get rid of the nice little holy bro pack and there we go. There is the quad itself, this is the holy bro, Copas mini and right from the get go. I have to say I've been flying this thing for over a week now, and I love it. It has become my new favorite quad, my MX b200 I'm afraid it didn't really survive the encounter with the mud and the in the like. So this has become my new favorite quad. Having said that, even if the mxp 200 was flying, it is just fantastic. Now I'm gon na start off with some flight footage. If you watch my extra channel you'll have seen some of this footage, because this is when I went to the park the other day, it's about the fourth pack I'm, flying on this quad and lovely day like it was like summer in late autumn, and I just Flew around through the trees, now remember only about the fourth pack on this quad and I hadn't flown this spot for quite some time. So I was amazed at how confident this little quad made me feel it was letting me go through the gaps it was.

I could fly altitude control was really good that's, one of the hardest things sometimes of the new quad, just maintaining a good altitude and getting low enough and high enough in the right places, and this thing was just a breeze to fly. I just had such a ball. I burnt through eight battery packs in one sitting. It was missing all my battery packs I charged them, and I used them all and I didn't have one crash, even though I was getting faster and faster fantastic fun, so yeah and look at the quality of the video in this. This is the DJI digital system. This was recorded from the ear unit, so it's true HD, video 60 frames per second and it's it's, not GoPro footage. We know that if you forgot a DJ, our digital system it's not as good as a GoPro, and you get this they've over sharpened it. So there's little black outlines along the white lies it. You know. If you look closely at the image: it's it's, okay, it's, certainly a lot better than analog, but it's, not a GoPro. But anyway, that aside, you get virtually the same image in your goggles, so that's the way the whole experience comes from, and I had a ball flying this quad. So let's have a look on the bench and see what makes this quad so damn good. Well, for a start, it's got some really good quality components, as is always the case with holy bro.

They don't use cheap Chinese Tet. They use really good quality stuff. It'S got 1507 t motor notice. These are t motor they're, not just one hung library. In there t, motor 3800 kv and they've got some power going to tell you the analog version. This comes in two versions. The analog version will suck 70 amps. These motors will so each motor is suck in nearly 20 amps and they don't even get warm that brilliant motors I'm so impressed with these little motors. We got so much pike. This prop seem well suited to well balanced. I have no jello in the footage, which is it's really excellent, so you can use this as a for cinema type. Footage if you want to, if you happy, with the limitations of the of the HD digital recording that the DJI produces on the ear unit. So if you want to just do some, you know some nice scenic shots. You can use it for that, but if you're ripping you still get that high quality footage, it's got the DJI ear unit in it there we go stock standard ear unit, it's got the cocoon flight controller. The holy bros own flight controller on there, which is a very capable unit and provides excellent, excellent feeling and control with this thing, it's going to form one esc hiding under the flight can show you. I did some b roll footage here. Some footage with the top off you can see the various components in there there's not a lot of spare room but they're all quality components all nicely put together and there adds to the whole quality feeling.

Now the bekkie we've got an XT 30, so any pack or the next e30 will do the trick, got at low, ESR, capacitor and here to get rid of the spikes because 70 amps. You know this is going to make for a lot of noise on the power supply on the on the battery rail, which is really important. Antenna management is an interesting way to look at when it came. These antennas were pushed right in here, and you might think. Oh just leaving there no, I redid the cable time bit them out because, with the antennas right up hard against the side, there you're not going to get very good performance for your video or your radio controlling, because these antennas are very much affected by conductors, which Is why all carbon fiber within close proximity? So you want to keep these things well away from the frame well away from the wiring, so bend them out like make sure they stay out like that, you probably have to reposition that cable tight. They do give me a spare cable ties, so you can cut the old one, put a new on and bend it out. Yeah there you go even so. I don't get fantastic range from this thing. I think it's just the fact that we've got these antennas between the arms and at times, they're being blocked by the ear unit and things so it's it's, not a long range quad, but hey it's.

A three inch not gon na fly long range anyway, and it was perfectly adequate for all the flying. I did, although I did have one failsafe event and here's the footage here. I was flying along pretty close, but a fail, safe and, of course, just fell from a great height. No damage proves that tough, the framers felt from that height into the to the hard, well, not hard, but not soft ground, and there was no damage brilliant. I like it, the frame is quite robust, it's, good quality, carbon and it's well, designed it's a unibody frame. There are no arms to to replace, because it just adds weight doing that on a small quad like this. Now, of course, nothing is perfect and I found a few little things which I wasn't happy about. First of all, when I I got this see the battery strip here, it was actually underneath that that cable, that comes out of the unit. So if I had put the battery strap on a yanked on it, it would have put a lot of stress on the cable, as it comes out of the Year unit, by pulling it up against the top frame member. I did notice that before I put the better Ian, so I repositioned the battery strap so between that cable and the frame so that's not gon na put any stress on there it's most important. You do the same thing. Otherwise, you could end up wreaking that ear unit by ripping the wires just something maybe mine was just assembled incorrectly.

Maybe holy bro aren't paying attention on that one and that they are not making sure that they put the strap in the right place. You should make sure you do it cuz. It comes on the battery strip already installed now the other thing, which is there's no easy way around this other thing now I'm running these 650 milliamp for sale, China, Xavier line batteries and I'm surprised at how well they're holding up under the stress because they say This can draw see the ends, and I get about four minutes flying time with my semi leisurely cruising thing where I'm I'm not I'm, not punching a lot I'm just cruising around at speed between trees and branches, and things like that. So it gives me about four minutes, which is more than enough time. Ideally, I think 850 millions for sale would be the way to go with this with a high C battery, because if this does pull 70 amps, these are six 50 milli, amp and they're 70 C, which works out at something like about. Was this 650 times 7? This than 50 amps, I think, is the maximum you're supposed to draw of these batteries pulling 70 amps out of them. They do sag. But if you go to an 850 milliamp and you go to 100 C battery, you should be well well over. The speed should be fine, but the thing I noticed is arm. This comes with the rubber pair D put on the top frame there to stop the battery moving around.

I even put that on because I wasn't sure what batteries I would be using, and I for that – and I noticed also a problem, but if you want the battery strip in the middle of the battery, let me just go up a bit, so we can see What I'm talking about you want the battery strip in the middle of the battery to give maximum retention. In case you have a crash, whatever it won't flop around on the breeze. Now, if you do that, the battery has to be quite a way forward, because, due to the positioning of the ear unit, you can't slide the battery strip back any further met because it hits the ear unit so that's, where your battery that's that's. As far back as your battery can go, which is unfortunate because if you hold it in the midpoint, it makes it a little bit nose heavy so but noise here, because the battery is actually forward of the center point. So it's got a noisy BCG in theory that should affect the handling, but I've done nothing to indicate that the hen was adversely affected by it. So just something to be aware of, though, if you're gon na have a very very long battery, it may be whiskers. I haven't poked out even further at the end here and so it's a shame but there's nothing. You can do about it because the ear unit is just that big, and this is a very, very small quadcopter, so it's it's hasn't caused any problems.

I will be putting the little rubber pad on there underneath this battery in that position and I'll be happy, but yeah. You need to make sure you get work out what better, using where it's gon na sit before you put the rubber pad on. Apart from that, there's, nothing to grizzle about is just wonderful. It is a wonderful little piece of kit, but I know there's a question on everybody's mind. Is it sub 250 or it's three inch, so it's easy enough to get sub 250 with a three inch quad? Some of the time but let's see let's just put the quad on the quad alone, weighs 200 grams 200 grams on the nose exactly so whether it's, sub 250 depends on the battery you use now. These China hobby line 654 cells, which are definitely the smallest third use on this thing. They weigh in at about 80 something grams, 86 grams, 85, 86 grams. So it makes it 36 grams over wait for sub 250, which to be honest, and I think it's really a problem is going to be carrying scales around it. If you look, if you're out in the field – and someone comes up and says who is this, is this registered and you say no it's under 250 grams they're gon na pull a set of scales out of the pocket? I don't think so and if they do quickly whip the battery off no Wyatt and where you go and keep another better in your pocket, maybe yeah at 350 million for cell and if they say well, what about the battery give them the 350 put on the Erica or 250 grams so yeah this would, I do I mean I'm, not gon na Swift.

It I'm not gon na sweep over thirty six grams between sub to fifty and the actual weight in this configuration. Now, if you're running a 1.3 pack, you know 1300 pack, which it will carry, I flown it with a 1304 cell and it flies really well. The extra weight is almost unnoticeable and you do get each to fly time but I'm. Just thinking for the body view. If you're gon na be hitting stuff that extra weight puts extra stress on the thing and I'd rather fly with a light battery, so that when I whack into a fence post or a tree or whatever it may be, the frame or frame and motors are in The props are far less likely to break because there's less mess and we all know the more mass the more energy is involved in any collision. So I like the flight light and besides which I can buy a lot more of these packs for a set amount of money than I can thirteen hundred packs. So I can buy myself eight of these for the price of maybe four thirteen hundred packs and and a thirteen hundred pack does not give you twice the flight time. This will give you a four minutes if you're doing fast cruising and a thirteen hundred pack will not give you eight minutes because it's heavier, but there you go so that's it. That answers the question. Now there is an analog version which I'll be reviewing shortly.

The analog version is the lighter because it doesn't have the e unit in there so that's something worth considering one other thing, while I remember actually, as I mentioned, you could use this as a cine court. It is a really stable little platform and it would really be good for getting cinematic shots. The irony is that, if you want to use this as a cine, quad you'll probably have to go for the analog version, not the digital version. Why would that be? Well, as I said, the DJI digital system, the camera in there it's not as good as a GoPro, it gives really nice footage but it's, certainly not top spec HD quality GoPro puts at the shame a runcam v will put it to shame. Even a Mobius will put it to shame it is. It is what it is. It is an HD camera, but it's over sharpened the image just isn't as good as a dedicated HD recording camera. So if you want to put a dedicated, actually Gordon Cameron here, like a GoPro there's, no room if you're gon na put your battery in the right place to get the strap holding it on. Let me just slide this all back. There'S no room to put a GoPro on here. It just wouldn't fit this it's it's you'd have to move the battery way through the bag like here, then you could put a GoPro on, but then there's, nothing holding the battery on and you can't put a strap between there's, not enough room for a strip under The ear unit – and you don't really want to put stress on those there's a whole lot of issues there.

So I would say if you want to get use this as a SUNY quad, you might want to look at the analog I'm going to look at that when I review the analog so with the analog you're, not gon na have this ear unit in the way You should be able to get your battery a lot further back, put your GoPro mount up here and because you're saving weight, because the analog won't have this heavy ear unit or heavier II. You know, then that will help offset the extra weight of the GoPro itself. So we'll look at that when I review the analog system, as I've said many times before. Digital is great. I love it, but analog is great. I love it too, and even though I have the DJI digital system, I still spend more than half my time flying analog because there are pros and cons to which the pros and cons I will be examining when I review the analog version of this and I'm Going to put them side by side I'm gon na do the big pros and cons so that if you're thinking should I go digital or should I go analog or prep state analog? What do I do? Well, hopefully, I'll give you the information. You need to make your mind up sensibly and to come up with the right answer, because digital is expensive, but it has benefits. Analog is cheap, and surprisingly, it also has benefits so we'll.

Look at the pros and cons and you'll be able to go and make your own mind up and remember: there's also the bite frost or whatever they call it. You know whatever it's going to be called in the future and the alternative digital system. Is there going to be a better option? Well, lots of things have changed. There I'll be doing a video on that sometime in the next few weeks. I don't have one I don't expect them to see me one but I'm gon na look at that and just have see if we can work out whether it might be a better option than DJI and if so, why so lots of things coming up on this? But in the meantime I have to say this is definitely a thumbs up. If you already have the DJI digital system, then this is, it is such a fun quad to fly and really when you think about it ultimately it's about fun. It is not a cheap, quad it's, not because the DJI digital system. For a start, you know the ear units are expensive, but you get you get value and ultimately it's about value and fun. Are you getting what you're paid for you're getting what you expect and does it work you in this case? Absolutely this is my gotu quad. This is the quad I'll be flying as probably the new rescue quad for the airfield here and all my fun times.

I think I'll be flying here. One thing I say to Holly bro is: why did you only give me one set of props? Why is there only one set of props in that box? You get the wiring loom for the unit because I use their own one. You get some cable technically, you just get that out. So you can see what you get. I mean like typical, Holly bro. They do give you. You know bits and pieces it's. We don't unbox things here, so I didn't get it. Oh man, stuck in the big here, we go just have a quick look before I forget this is what's in this bags. This has got. The H gives you some extra circlips. If you see them in this circle ups and a little brass space with it for the motors now, there is actually really good, because sometimes you do need to take motors apart and you will always lose the circlet. But here you out, they give you spear ones. Fantastic that's really thinking ahead. They give you that wiring harnesses. I say they give you to cable ties, so you can reposition those antennas as I recommend, and they give you that rubber pad for making sure the battery doesn't wander around that's. All you get or any instructions for the ear unit, because after you at the digital and they give you the fpv instruction book there for the digital, you know but it's all you get.

I would have really liked to have seen a set of spare props seriously. This is not a cheap quad; it is a good value quad, but it's, not a cheap quad, so what's the harm and throwing in you know another one or two sets of props. What three four dollars seriously you can't afford that that would make it from an excellent product into the perfect product as far as I'm concerned, but nevertheless it's all high quality kit. It works exactly as advertised, it flies so damn! Well, no one will get this private out of my hands until I'm dead and buried honestly seriously. This is just a nice piece of kit. Is the analogue one going to be better? Well just wait and see? If you not a subscriber subscribe, you might miss it. The meantime thank you for watching give me a thumbs up. If you think this review was useful to you. Hopefully it was you've got questions and I didn't cover go to the comment a bit and put the questions in there. I'Ll put a link to the more information on this I'm, not going to go through in great detail. I'Ll put a link to more information, so you can find that probably from the holy verse, I'd and there's no affiliate links. I don't make a beam. If you buy this, I don't care with your body or not, but I don't think you'd be disappointed. To be totally honest.

This is another stealing piece of kit from Holly blow holy bra. Yes, they've done it again.