They use it. You know just top quality, they have own flight controllers, kakuta fly controls, brilliant bits of kit, never fail to impress, and in fact even the one time I didn't give a product such a flash review. It was this. It was the original Copas 2 and I was concerned about this material in the in the arms here. It wasn't a full carbon. It was had some white stuff in the middle here and, to be honest, as you can see, this is flown quite a bit and it's been crashed a few times and the arms are still in textile pits. My reservations on that we're a little bit undeserved. So again, I it was my mistake, not wholly bros and it we're looking here now at the cine whoop and I think Sony whoops are a whole new part of the Hobby. It'S gon na bring a lot more people into the Hobby because it just it's kind of that transition between mini quads and your typical camera quad, because these things can go places you can't get a phantom or a maverick and they can do things. You know that those those gps guided quads can't do, but they are, is what which I said that they're more suited to cinematic use. Then your average mini quad, because the props don't get into the field of view and because they've got shrouds on the props. You know if you're banging into something it's, not gon na fall out of the sky like I'm, a Nick.

What does so brilliant? I really like the city with concept, and I was really glad that Holly borough have bought out their plug and fly. I mean it's bind and fly actually it's a binder flight comes with the DJI digital system already installed already set up and so you'd. Basically, if you've got the DJI digital system already all you need to do is buy this plug it in it'll, no activate the air unit and in a lot date to whatever the latest version of all the software is, then you just basically bind it to your Transmitter in your goggles and see switches up and away you go it's that simple honestly, it is that simple. So I think well, let's take a closer look around this thing. I really like it. There are a few things that I probably would change. If I were designing this, but overall yeah looks pretty schmick, so let's take a closer look, so here we go I'm. One of the first things I noticed about this was the antenna management very, very nice. The antennas are well out of the way they're not going to get caught up in the props or tangle in anything that protected by the shrouds for the props that's, a really nice piece of engineering. One thing that surprised me a little bit is that a lot of these parts are 3d printed. Let me see if these shreds are 3d printed. I it's really.

Printing is fine for prototyping I'm, not so sure it's a great idea for production. I would rather have seen those injection molded, because injection molding is it's just stronger. It is it's just stronger. We you have layers of filament built up. You'Ve, always got the risk of a split going on there, even with the best quality 3d printing equipment. So I was surprised to see that, but hey if it works, it works you can't grizzle and the one thing I do like about this whole thing is that the the shrouds are easy to take off and put on they're not bolted through the motor there's. Actually, four two bolts on each thing, so you can actually drop the shrouds off if you didn't want them, but you really leave them on their little arm, see if I get further. So if you take the shrouds off you're still gon na the risk of breaking these, and these do contribute significantly to the strength of the model, these arms are pretty thin, but the shroud itself is a structural member and hey that that's pretty damn good. It means that you're not wasting white by building strength where you don't need it and, as you can see, it's a unibody construction. The whole bottom place is one plate, which means, I guess, if you break it, you're gon na cost, you more to fix it, but the thing is well, this any quad, you probably are gon na, be doing the kind of thing that will break a frame.

So much it's, more sort of you know, as I say, getting cinematic footage by you know gliding through the trees or whatever it may be. The it's got an XT 60, which is quite nice. I don't know whether battery size I'm, not sure I'm, not sure it's is 4s or three years I can't remember um, it doesn't have much on the box. I'Ve got to say: you've got to go to the website to get the info which not a bad thing. These days, cuz infos, always changing props are quite small, but certainly not a smaller sense. Any whoops I've seen now the one thing that I have I've already given this a bit of a test flight. Obviously, at one thing I noticed is it doesn't handle the wind at all well at all well, and I think that's due to the height of these shrouds, they are very deep. They don't need to be that deep. Now, I think, maybe because they're a structural member that made them deep to add stiffness and strength to the frame. But I would like to see these half the height, because when you get a crosswind there's trying to push the quite you've got a angle. An awful lot to keep into the wind and, if you're, trying to get cinematic footage, you don't, especially if you excite on you don't, want to have a 45 degree angle on your camera, so that's, something that they can perhaps look at.

Perhaps but the thing is they could offer alternative shrouds I mean you could print them yourself. I suppose maybe that published the the file and you could modify it and print them yourself with a lower profile shroud. I think that would be great for windier days. Make a huge difference now. The other thing, of course, is that you, with a DJI year unit and there you're gon na, be sucking a lot of battery. As I say, it's for three or four cells, I've thrown with the three cell 850 way too small way too small, so I've got a 1303 cell on the charger at the moment which we flying shortly now the thing that's worth noting is if you're gon na Be doing cinematic stuff, you don't necessarily need forest punch. Three cells probably going to be enough, but we'll find out when I do some more flying. I really there's not a lot else to say about the scene yet to point out that with the motors, what are the motors weren't? They the means to take a shot a year that T motors, I think, pod, look of them yep, T motors, a good quality. Excellent quality stuff, all the carbon as usual is really high quality, as is normal with holy bro battery, strap there's no rubber on here, but I think you get rubber in the in the lovely carry case cuz they come, they all come packed in these cases. Let me just pull out of it, so you can see it in all its glory.

Here we go whole holy bro products come in these lovely cases. I don't know it's great for shipping not likely to get a broken one and they ship like this, but III. Just have to wonder sometimes whether the money could be better spent let's put that Nissi that's lovely, if you want to transport you're, certainly quite in case of the cine quad it's – probably good. I like this, because you can just throw this in a backpack dad to worry about things, failing the props or anything in the case of something like the the copis little mini quads, you have to take the props off to put them back in the bags, but This one, you don't just slot straight in so this is good value. Having this carrying case just show you what else you get for your money and our for that was reasonably priced, give them the quality in the fact you've got a DJI ear system. These are quite reasonably priced, so, yes, sir, if the flight tests all go well, it would be a recommended by now it's a block you get, and this is really good. You get the DJI instructions, because I know a lot of buying a fly stuff or you don't get the instructions that come with the ear unit. But will this one you do just in case it's your first DJO system, you get oh and you get the original cables for the DJ. Oh yeah, you know that's, really nice and some cable ties.

I don't know what for a rubber met for the battery? Yes, yes, yes, but then I put that on you have to put it on yourself. You get a right angle, micro, USB connector, which is really handy, because if we take a look at the quad itself getting into the flight controller, connector it's way down and there. So you would not be able to get a regular us micro, USB cable, having a right angle. One is brilliant there's, it right angled the right direction. That'S the question you got to ask yourself: no it's the Dritz thing. Let me take this out of the bag. For a moment, is my British man hands off screen to you rip this out, because I just wonder if it's got the right see we've got a right angle and ideally I think that should come in from the bottom, but if we do it that way. Oh yes, it is that it's correct. Yes, so that will will it yeah we'll have to move some of the wires around, but anyway it's it's, yep don't move anyway. So this is great. They provide you something like that, because I don't I don't have any right angle to connect us. So if I'd got this without this cable, I couldn't access the flight controller without stripping the thing down brilliant. I mean there's a little things like this. The little details that turn a product from a really good product into an excellent product, so I'm happy with that that's really good.

They always give you this be a parts list, of course, because they know you're gon na break something and they want to sell you Spears, fair enough, but there you go all the part numbers and everything. So you don't have to wonder if the bit you've got is a bit you need and yep so that's it that's the extras you get with it. So I think we've bled it on enough. Let'S go outside and fly the 10 things, but it wind out there today, so you see how it handles the wind at or doesn't handle the wind or whatever so that'll, be the defining factor and I'll try and find some fine calm weather to do a follow Up video, so we can get a better idea of what it's like under ideal circumstances. So now, it's time to charge up the DJI system, go for a fly. Let'S do it. Oh, I almost forgot one other concern I had a little bit was that cooling. Now the DJI t air systems get pretty damn toasty specially. If you're running higher power levels, you probably wouldn't need to run more than 25 milli watts with us, because you're not gon na be flying a long way away with us. Anyway, they don't have the range and usually going to fairly close to whatever it is you're filming not like a mini quad, where you may be traveling at high speed and therefore covering large distances, but the ear unit itself.

We'Ve got the flight controller and es for money. You see on the bottom here and we've got this frame here and if you put the rubber mat over here for the battery there's, not a lot of air flow, because the props are all ductus there's, no air flow from the props. I think I might get a bit toasty make it a bit. Toasty we'll find out we'll see if it switches into the low power mode when we're flying. If it does then, because it's summer here now, we're scorching temperatures approaching 70 degrees fahrenheit in a u.s. scale, and I don't know what that is: it's like 20 degrees or 18 degrees and the rest of the world, but yeah so heating may be a concern. Let'S find out Music, Music, Music, Music liga. That was a flight with a 1303 cell, pretty tired old turnigy nanotech battery, but it did take it right down to ten point nine volts on the way back. So there was about as much as you want to suck out of it better. I was running two hundred milli watts of our. If so, I didn't want to no point running higher power levels and I wanted to get an idea of how the actual airframe worked. So you're not gon na get a long flight times, but that's, of course, for this anyway, there are compromises when you make stuff that's, small and you've got a heavy ear unit. That'S a he'll be comparatively heavy ear units on board.

So one thing I noticed with my shaky hands is that the tune it's fine for racing paths, it's not a racing quad, so I'm gon na to go in the end, stroke dollops and do lots of expo on the flight controller, because you want smooth movements with A city code you don't, want jerky, you want it to be really soft around center, so you can get the nice flowing panoramic motion at the moment. We'Re rights are way too high and there's, not enough expo for me, so I'm going to go and dial it in and then I'll go off to the park and see if I can get some more cinematic footage. So if I do that here it is here. Music, Music, okay, so there we go what's the bottom line on this thing. Is it worth your spending your money on? Well yeah? If you want a cine quad, if you want to source any whoop, what, if you want to call it? If you want a quad that is primarily focused, it just getting good footage and then this case HD footage with the HD digital system from DJI. If you want that, then this delivers on the value equation: it's top spit parts it's quite well designed it's, not perfect. Nothing'S perfect, it flies pretty well, although, as I say, it's taking me a bit of getting used to because it just doesn't fly like a normal mini quad, probably due to the side here of these ducts, those ducts when you're trying to do sideways flying to get Some you know track something.

Those ducts add a lot of drag and you've really got to use a lot of input. Also, the tune was a bit aggressive for my liking. Right from the get go, I've had to put a lot of exponent up 30 percent expo in but I'm gon na. Take it up to 45, because I think these even walk, because my little hands are too shaky and it makes it very hard to get smooth footage. But once you've, when I was flying today at the park, there was actually didn't show so much in the leaves on the trees, but there was quite a bit of wind around and it was it was surprisingly stable. It didn't jiggle it around too much at all. So flight times well, with a 1000 million for sale, I got four minutes and with a 1304 sell, I've got four and a half minutes. So I think, for sales I you know put the three sells: it does fly, it's got plenty of power, but it just doesn't have the endurance. So I think for sell. Is the sweet spot and 1000 to 1300 milliamps is about the best you can expect for maybe five minutes. If you really pushed it for flight time, which is probably enough – but it means, if you get a go with one of these, you want to get half an hour's filming you'll need a lot of pecs and you'll need to land and change them quite frequently, because Little props, they just know that efficient, even when they're operating in a duct they're, just not that efficient and this isn't a light craft.

Once you throw a 1300 million better in there it's getting up a bit I'd say it's, probably going to be. You know 500 grams, that I've lost my scales. I damn it I've been looking for them and I cannot find them when I find them. I will weigh it with a 1300 pack, but in the meantime, take my word for it. It'S it's not like that. Much lighter than a like mini quad, but it does have the benefit. You'Ve got no props in the field of view and that's really good. Also, if you brush up against a wall or a building or a person or tree it doesn't catch a prop and flip. You out of the sky just carries on garden, brilliant, fantastic, so what I'm going to do is keep flying this thing do a bit more. You know practice until I get better at it, and I think this will become my close proximity. Quad of choice for filming stuff, for all the reasons of stone – and probably the biggest disappointment you might say, is that it is over 250 grams. It is well over 250 grams, a basic quad on its own it's about 250. Then you add your batteries another. How many grams that is so yeah it's a shame. You will need to register it if you're in countries that require registration. There are other quads which are under 250 grams with the DJI tier system in them. I was going to review this, but it doesn't work, flight controller, doesn't work.

It came to me a little at secondhand, but yeah I contacted the manufacturer. Initially they seemed interested and then that they just dropped the conversation. So I can't recommend this thing. It is the was the trans tick beetle, something or other Homme yeah I mean it. This is a. What I would have thought would be a bit of sea earth in the ducts are on this. This would probably if this worked would be a quite a good little cynical warp. I think, but it doesn't work and let's face it. This isn't, this just does not have the quality that the the Holly bro product has Holly. Bro is a quality product. There you go so yeah if you're looking for a Sunni woop with a digital system in it, it's pretty good, damn value when you look at the quality that she gettin and stay tuned I'll be doing some follow. Ups on this, because, like once, I get the hang of flying it a bit better since I'm, old and very tired and crusty I'll put some more videos that you can get a bit of view of how well it performs. In the meantime, if you're looking for something with a little bit more get up and go a little bit more sparkle and possess I'm going to be testing the holy bro Copas 2 HD, which is their racing, slash freestyle system which is brined and fly with the Dji digital system on this coming up soon and the southern summer of fun here at RC model reviews anyway, thanks for watching put your comments into the comedy bit.

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