The quality of the build is obvious from the moment you open the cardboard box, the quality of the drone body, the propellers, the motors, etc, are excellent. The fact that the arms fold in make the drone very compact, when carrying it or not in use the carrying case is very well designed, and you feel that the drone is very secure in the case setup and pairing. The drone to the controller was a breeze and we were able to complete the setup in less than 10 minutes. The first flight was very easy and the return to home feature makes you feel confident of trying out different features. We tried the return to home four to five times and every time the drone came to within a foot of where it launched from the only improvement opportunity that i could see is that the charge time for the battery is close to seven hours. Understand that the drone uses a lot of power, but the long charge time would make one plan way in advance of actual flying. We will update the review after we have tried out the follow me and waypoint feature, but after a day of flying, we couldn’t have been more pleased. All i can say is wow. I am a beginner and only had one drone prior to this holy stone really produced a quality drone for a great price exclamation mark it was so easy to learn to fly is very responsive and accurate.

The one button take off and landing is such a nice feature. The camera take really good pictures and video. I had a few questions and used holy stones live chat. Technical support and rose was very helpful, not to mention super polite. I recommend this drone for all beginners, like myself, looking for more than just a toy, but you don’t want to spend a fortune. You won’t be dissatisfied, as this offers all features of more expensive drones. Home run holy stone background. I bought this quadcopter drone to be able to visually inspect hard to reach places like my gutters in the back side of my chimney Music. My house’s hype challenge is my 35 foot extension ladder in some spots and the trees around here have grown so tall over 20 years. That leaves in gutter is a problem, features performance, i’m, new to drones and the aerial inspections i want to do require some skill. So i watched a lot of youtube videos and realized. Some drones are very good at making up for an experience. Hs 720 appeared to be one of those for a fraction of the cost. I started out practicing in open fields and parks to develop the reflex and hand coordination to make multi axial maneuvers when this drone locks onto at least seven gps satellites. It is amazing how stable it is, even in mild winds, four to ten miles per hour. The flying modes of point to point tap fly, follow me and hover and rotate over point of interest are very impressive.

The return to home feature works quite well and is very intelligent, as it accounts for remaining battery energy. I found one youtube: video demonstrating a return to home landing holy stone, hs 720 gps, camera drone, where the drone literally landed exactly where it took off c9 20 minutes into the video. I tried this several times and the closest it came to the mat for me was within three feet, so i’m not complaining at all, but it was a jaw dropping demo when i watched it customer service. The best part, i did have one issue with the drone.