I am not being paid to say this. I was a bit skeptical when reading a few reviews about how the company asks people to change review ratings. I even was thinking about cancelling the order, but after receiving it and flying it, i am very pleased i bought it to practice with. I eventually want to work my way up to a dji drone but needed something to practice with first prior to paying for an expensive drone. I love it and would recommend it. I ordered it to practice flying before taking my more expensive drone out so right off. The bat it comes with spare propellers and screws a screwdriver and a tool for taking the drone apart Music, the drone charges through a little usb adapter that’s included, so you can charge it quite easily on any computer. The drone itself is built in an all all plastic body, but it is pretty strong and feels solid. They also have propeller guards pre installed and the plastic half circle landing. Gears are flexible enough for any falls and absorbs impact flying. The drone is amazing. It’S super stable in the air and very responsive. You can select three different speeds for it to fly it as well as enable headless mode. So you never lose your orientation.