It still looks like new and works very well fun toy. For us. We start to learn how to control 3d flying it’s different from control vehicle toy. This is perfect for this purpose. The battery is charged fully so quickly easy setup. This drone has some great features for the price i like the trim and the auto take off and landing is great for the beginner. It will do flips in the air with the push of a button as well. The controls are reversible if you prefer, and it has three speeds – the battery charges relatively quick at about half hour. It also seems surprising, durable for the size. Another great holy stone product Music seems to be a quality built drone. I would definitely recommend for beginners because it can take a hit and keep going. Has lots of replacement parts also fun for more advanced flyers, high quality for the price completely recommend for all Music? It is flexible and easily operated. You can change speed when you use max speed. The drone is extremely fast so far as to 360 flip. The drone has an emergency stop function when it happens to emergency things, Music. The drone has two batteries. It is easy for me to change the battery and play for a long time.