I read some reviews and saw that people were having issues with the blade holder not holding. Well, thankfully, i saw a review that said: it’s designed to click into the holes on the body of the spark. So when i got mine i already knew to make sure to click it into the body and it fit perfectly holding the blades very well. The gimbal cover fits like a glove, and the controller guard is also a perfect fit. Now i feel perfectly comfortable putting my mavic spark in any bag, because i know the gimbal, the blades and my controller will be protected. Oh my god. Definitely worth it each one of these items is pretty much you have to have, especially if you’re going to use the little shoulder bag. That dji includes with their fly more combo deal that bag is so small. You have to cram everything into it, so protecting the gimbal, the propellers and the thumb sticks of your controller is critical. I think it’s odd, that dji doesn’t make these accessories sell them separately or with their combo deal.