The batteries would just last for eight minutes for the drone to fly, but still good for beginners and easy to fly. My seven year old loves his drone. We have to buy another because the wind took it when he was outside with it. My grandson enjoy it great little drone for beginners easy enough for my six yo to fly and fun enough for me to steal when he’s not using it got my daughter one also, they both love them a great entry level drone. My kid loves flying. It comes with two batteries. My household has several drones and we all love to fly. This is a great little drone for flying indoors. It is little easy to maneuver and has the flip button like a lot of the bigger drones. It fits in the palm of my hand and flies like a dream so much fun, fast shipment, high quality, exquisite packaging and reasonable price. Surprise me and the accessories in it have fulfilled the needs of the flight, so i don’t need to buy other things.