Excuse me, while i reach out of shop, because today, im going to be reviewing this look at this huge quadcopter, it says the the getaway smart 16, its tiny, its tiny its like my man, parts um, and it is a quad mini quad, but its like. Not a not like a tiny whip, it really does feel like a much bigger quad, possibly even a three inch, not a five inch, but a three inch um and its got heaps of power, its very, very, very fast and battery lifes, not so bad um and Ive been flying the snot out of this thing, having a ball with it, its 200 milliwatts of video. Now one thing it does have: is this um linear antenna, linear antenna for the fpv, which means you get a bit of multi pathing around where im flying here? In front of our hangers at the airfield it gets a bit glitchy the video, its quite glitchy, but you get that with all these linear antennas, theres, no theres, no rejection of the reflections, whether because its not circularly polarized. So you just have to accept that now. Um, it has worked really really well, although ive just noticed its come up with a little fault noticed that yesterday um the camera, which i think is a cadx camera – seems to have some dirt on the sensor or something i mean ive always put the lens cap On and ive always, you know treated it carefully and theres no way dirt should be able to get in there once youve screwed it all together, but it seems to have a little bit of muck on the sensor, which is causing a dot which is really really Really annoying ive not had a lot of luck with cadx cameras.

Recently, the one in my 100 mile, an hour fbv wing decided to reboot in flight and never came back. So that was a bit of an issue now cadets did reach out to me and said: oh well, send you a replacement? Well, send you some other camera, so i i might take a good look at cadx. They did send me some cameras for review. A couple of years ago now – and i didnt actually put the reviews up, because i thought they were joking, because the cameras were like totally broken, the the little focus locking ring was broken um. One of them just was dead on arrival, one of them was intermittent. I thought whats going on here, so i havent looked at them since then, and they havent sent me anything since then, because obviously they werent happy with the fact i didnt give them glowing reviews, but has that changed we dont know so i this is the only Other character, camera ive got and its bad, so cadets will hopefully send me some stuff ill, be able to put it through a pretty good test and review and well find out whether this is just unfortunate, bad luck or whether it points to a more endemic problem. With some of the cadets gear, this is the cadex ant in here, so you can have a look at that see what you think of that for performance wise. Overall, the handling of this quad is pretty damn good.

Im impressed im running with a battery on the bottom. I think it gives it slightly better uh control also, i think it protects the thing a little bit now. One thing that always concerns me with these little tiny quads is: they are very small, but that means some of the things like the motor shafts are also very small, and the arms are very thin. So if you have a really bad crash into something hard, youre, probably going to break something – and you know i dont like that, but i put a neck. What is it xm2 is it? I dont know yeah xm, plus xm plus receiver in here and ive. Just put it on the top, because it comes with these two tpu mounts you can put the battery top or bottom ive just decided to use the top one to hold my receiver, and it gives me these neat little antenna. Filly things. You know, as you saw in the intro to this video, its just like a wasp or a fly or a drone or something a drone, its just like a drone who would have thought anyway. So i think weve got some go karts circulating around the track. Next, so im going to show you how fast this is im going to chase some of them lets see what happens. Of course, it is analog analog for the wind, because digital in something this size yeah, you could fit it, but it would be extra weight.

The beauty of this is, i think, its 50 something grams super super light super safe and its important. These days, you wont go on a defenders list with this model because you dont have to register thats fantastic. So without further a see, my antenna see this best antenna in the world for fbv this helical. It really does work well. So i will now put a battery in this. Well go for a fly around the go, kart track, hopefully chase some go karts lets. Do it and i will, of course, be using the radio master t8 t8 for this fantastic, i mean when you look at it. No, you dont want a big radio with a quad. This small. Do you so ive been using this its working really really well. I was using the jumper remember on a lot of my models. Im warming to this now its actually im almost liking this better than the jumper, and i found a big mistake. I was so embarrassed. I got it wrong. I got it wrong before look, it does have trims heres. The trim levers here look whod have thought i didnt even see them, so this does have trims if youre flying thick swing with no fly controller, brilliant, brilliant, so lets lets give it a go. Lets turn it on oh little screen. Here we go yep, you probably cant, see that anyway lets go um lets plug it in i havent fully charged the batteries.

I cant wait for the batteries to fully charge. It does come with a charger. The uh the little thing now you probably saw that as well itll charge up to four of the batteries at once. I dont know if you get batteries, i dont think you get batteries with it. Maybe you do maybe you dont, but theyve got these little ones with the crap ass connectors. I would chop these off and put an xt 30, because these connectors are really unreliable and they they get high resistance over time. So theres some work get rc could do put an xd30 on here. Please and uh yeah, maybe a different camera. If this is indicative of cadence quality, but lets go flying come on. Okay, here we go, you can see. It says the battery is less than full. I know that because i knew its only 3.9 volts to sell so dont. Consider this to be indicative. Lets go to air mode lets arm it lets do some flying, as i say it flies. You see that little dark dot there that really pisses me off, but thats what we have thats the way the camera has decided to behave, not happy with that at all. You see its its handling really nicely. It is super smooth lets, go around the tower for a little quad for a micro quad like this. Its really good. My hands are a bit shaky today i apologize for that. Lets come around lets see if we can chase a go.

Kart is this as fast as a go: kart, Music. I think it is try going lower next time. I should have really fully charged this battery and you see it says low battery now, of course, im not much of you im, not one of those uh freestyle guys, but it does do flips as you can see, im not very good at it, but it does Do them it does do power loops and things, but it does take a bit of recovery. Ive noticed this. When you fly this it. If you cut the power, it falls really quick. It doesnt look like it there, but it really doesnt. It needs a bit of catching. If you do that, so lets have another. Go. This go kart Music. Can we catch him here? We go proof proof that this machine is as fast as a go. Cart, thats, pretty impressive for for a 1.6 inch, quad thats. What were down to 3.3 volts, i think, be better, comes back up and you take the light off, but its a little bit like what does land now mean? I think ive ever seen that before anyway, so that was a very partially charged battery. I hope you can see from this that its its actually a really really nice little quad, and it does all the things that little quads should do arnie. Where are you, i think, youre just on the side of the hangar at the moment? Arnies there trust me and uh yeah.

So look at that lovely lovely little thing of the camera yeah that bloody dot to do without that anyway were down to 3.4 volts. So we wont go too much low or ruin the battery, but it just flies nicely as well. It seems to be well tuned, havent noticed much in the way of shakes and wobbles. Oh except those ones, thats. What happened so lets uh lets, bring it in. For a landing lets bring it in for a landing theres me look. You can see me on two cameras at once. Fantastic here we go. The wound is a bit of windy in there actually thats my shaky hands. My hands are terrible. Okay lets just bring it in Music: oh perfect, southern hemisphere, landing im. Sure you enjoyed that. So there you go its a really fun little quad. It really is a fun quad. One thing to notice is that the stack gets really hot ive got the video transmitter set to 200 milliwatts, which may be part of the reason you can go from 25 to 200. I think, but it does get very hot. You wouldnt want to turn this on and leave it in the sun it might melt. But apart from that, brilliant, so yeah im really happy with this, and with that little quad, its brilliant im going to spend a lot of time flying there. I can fly around the house, except you can be really careful, so damn fast take out the windows, um yeah thats it so just a moment there.

It is its perfect, its not perfect, nothings perfect, its pretty good im gon na say it is pretty good um. Certainly, youll need a few batteries that comes with the charger it takes a while to charge them its, not super fast charge. The step gets really hot. You wouldnt want to hold your finger on that stack if you havent leave it sitting for anything for time. Um. The camera, sorry its faulty its got a fault, its got a blob in it, im not happy with that. Um connect has changed uh, but apart from that, its a fun little thing, ive crashed it a bit. I dont crash much because i dont you know im old, i fly like a grandmother um, but its held up so far. I think also, if youve got the battery on the bottom, and you have a prang, its probably not going to put as much stress on the arms um. I havent seen whether anyone else has crashed these. I dont know if theyre, i guess theyre available already. This was a kind of a early launch version um, but yeah so so light so light and its super safe and, as i say, you dont want to go on offenders list. This will give you most of the fun of a three inch without having to register and without having to worry too much. I mean yeah. These props wouldnt do any favors of that in the face, but its so damn small and so damn fast its like a bullet, its a bullet drone.

There you go. Thank you for watching. So if you like, this format of reviews were instead of just sitting at the bench and going over stuff and then taking it and flying, i see, give you the review from the field you know and the really watch in real time what happens with these things? Let me know – and i will do a few more like this – now – the summers here – beautiful summery weather, fantastic um so and if youve got a product that you want me to honestly review and im not going to get involved in affiliate schemes and all that sort Of sponsorship and that crap, if you want me to review something drop me an email and you can send the product i will disclose. This was sent to me for review by gip rc. Okay, so they sent it. But if it was crap id tell you and im telling you the bits that are crap, like i dont like the camera and um, and i dont like these connectors on the batteries. Ive got some 380 milliamps. I think which i will ill drop. This off put an xt30 on 380 milliamp 2s batteries way to go be a bit heavier because these are only 300 but um. I think itll fly just as well fantastic there you go. Thank you for watching. Thank you to my patreon supporters. You make it all possible and if you want to beat a go kart, if you want to keep up with one, this will do it thanks for watching guys, bye for now, thanks ani, that was good man.

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