The mark v see it says there mark v and ive, taken it out of the box, because we dont do unboxings here. So this is what it looks like its a quadcopter. You see my problem. The problem is that quadcopter reviews are a bit boring everybody when they review quadcopters, they quadcopter flippy, floppity flippity floppity affiliate link in the description. Ah, we dont do that here. I wanted to come up with a way to make this review a little more interesting. A little more exciting than would otherwise be the case now. The first problem i had was, i didnt have any batteries. This comes in a 4s and a 6s version. I get rc sent me the 6s version and i didnt have any 6s batteries, so i had to wait a while, unfortunately, the guys at kiwi quads ollie at kiwi, quads fixed me up with some china hobby line batteries. I bought them, bought them paid for retail. But fantastic service, you could have shout out a shout out where its due, i ordered these on, i think, on a thursday afternoon and they arrived on friday morning, thats great so batteries i had a couple of batteries and then i thought, how am i going to Review this thing and im going to im going to go through stuff on the bench. Obviously, weve got to talk about stuff that you would find and the way its built and so forth, but i wanted to come up with another way.

To really put this thing through its paces, in a way that other reviewers havent done, and so i figured hey lets chase a jet with it lets race this against a gas turbine, powered, fixed wing model and see if it can keep up. We wont say: parasites uh lets just put it on the table, because the bench is at the airfield and im at home at the moment. So lets put it on the table and ill. Tell you a few bits and pieces about the quad. What i like what i dont like then well go racing now, as you can see its a fairly conventional sort of a quad. This one is several versions. This one has the dji air unit installed, so its plug and play no its bind and fly really its bind and fly. So i flew it with the dji transmitter and goggles. We all know about the digital system wont go on about that um, but basically it is a quad with individual arms. So you can replace the arms if slash when you break them, theyre, pretty damn thick whats that six mils six mils thick this heaps thick. They will break if you hit stuff hard enough. One thing: youll notice is the quite abundant use of fluorescent tpu 3d printed parts. The the feet on the bottom of each arm are tpu printed and that fluorescent stuff theres a little buffer pad down here and the mounts for the antennas at the back, as well as a camera mount on the front.

This here theres a separate other camera mount with just the one slot provided, because so, depending on what your camera mounting is, you can swap those over no real problems. Its a metal front end here, see this middle front cast metal front end or is it milled? I cant tell um, probably milled and the dji its a real dji camera, so you know what to expect from that and it provides plenty of protection for that camera. Not total protection see the lens pokes out a little bit, but considering where the arms and the motors are youre, probably not going to break that camera. If you have an accident, not we ever have those comes with two sets of polycarb props, a few battery straps a little rubber pad. You stick on the top here for your battery mounting and because this is bind and fly, you dont have to worry about putting anything together, really just screw the props on and away you go um couldnt wish for better than that. Now, xd60, the flight controller and the flight stack all seem pretty. Damn good seems to fly pretty well the motors uh. This is the 6s version, so the 21. What are they? 2107S. 2107.. No, i dont know 20107s and i think the 1950 kv or something i dont know. Um therell be a list to the spec sheet. Remember this is just one version. This comes in a number of versions, you can get the 4s version and you can get analog and digital and vista and all sorts of things.

So you choose what you want to be totally honest. Let me be totally honest. I think the vista version would be the better one to be a little bit lighter, and i think the difference between air unit and vista in terms of performance is pretty negligible. Um. You can record on the built in sd card with an air unit. If you want to do that, but um ive found that the goggle recording is actually better than the on board recording when youre running 50 megabits, because i think the dvr in here only records at 40 megabits a second anyway. So you get a better recording in your goggles than you get from the ear unit, so why would you bother having an air unit when a vista could be lighter and smaller now? One thing that did concern me is the placement of these antennas. The short antenna is quite low once you get your battery pack on here, theres a lot of shielding for those antennas. You know if youre coming flying um front on you cant see the antennas you mean from here. You cant see the antennas very well at all. So that could provide some rssi issues. I would like to see these longer. One thing i like about vista is usually with a vista. You have a single antenna and its on a long stalk, which means it doesnt get shielded by parts of the quad very frequently. At all so thats something really important.

I think as id go for the vista option, but im reviewing the air unit option because thats the one they sent me now it takes 6s. This one has a success: ive used the china hobby line 100 c6 s 1300 batteries youll take 1100 says up to 1800. I think, but i wouldnt want to put an 1800 on there. Not a 6s itd be too heavy, so the 1300 is pretty good, mid ground. I think now these batteries are okay, theyre, a budget battery. I noticed when i was chasing the jet. They sagged quite a bit. Pretty quickly fell down to 20 volts, but they stayed there for a while, and i really didnt get a lot of flight time, but just tooling around with this battery good flight time, a proximity youre going to get yourself easily five or six minutes flying proximity freestyle. You probably get four minutes five minutes, depending on how aggressive you are with your throttle. I had to wind the rates down on this because im more shaky, i had to put a bit of expo in because im more shaky, but apart from that, it came pretty. Well tuned pretty well set up no complaints. There. Really. One thing i recommend everybody does with any pre built is go around and tighten the screws. I could find no sign of loctite on any of those screws and they were all a little bit loose. So before you fly any pre built, quad always check the bolts and if you want to add some loctite, because otherwise theyll fall out, theyll fall out and youll find your motors come off and the arms get loose.

So just do that. Its not unique to get rc. I found that in a lot of pre built that dont use loctite and dont really snug the bolts down too tightly there. You go so thats, basically it on the bench thats. What you want to know it comes with a set of spanners and a few other bits and pieces and documentation stuff that you will probably not really use very much. I had to put a lot of camera tilt on this to to chase the jet, and i should have had more, unfortunately, so that was a mistake. I wont make again ive got running about 45 degrees or 35 degrees on there at the moment it should have been a lot more, but i still wanted to be able to land without um not being able to see the ground well, thats enough lets go and Have a look at the flight lets see what happened when i tried to race a jet with the gipa rc mark five? Okay. So here we go. This is the take off. I had to actually slow down a bit on the takeoff because i was overtaking the aircraft. I flew out to the side, but lets face it. This is a very fast jet powered model, so yeah. No, this quad isnt, going to keep up no quad is going to keep up with this thing, but it did an incredibly credible job of keeping the whole thing in view now, remember these videos are only 720p from the air unit on the dji recorded on the Goggles so its a pretty small speaker, if youre watching on a phone, you may not be able to see the jet but notice i catch up in the turn, because i cheat, but it is tracking pretty well, i i must say i was kind of impressed because This guy was holding back a little bit, but not that much youll hear from him at the end of this flight, the guy that was flying the jet, but i was really impressed at how well this flew now you could tell i should have had more camera Angle, because i was i was getting pretty high when i wanted to use a lot of throttle, i was actually climbing and i didnt want to do that.

So for uh, for a fair bit of the video, the the quad was quite a bit higher than the jit. Now about here. Battery voltage was getting down about 20 volts. It was getting sagging quite a bit, which is not a criticism of the china hobby line. Batteries its just the fact that this quads got a lot of power and full throttle for an extended period really does sort of demand a lot of any battery. So there you go theres the quad flying now down and again im sort of tracking im keeping up reasonably well at this stage, although he just did a roll, so he wasnt flying at full speed and about here i decided, i think, its time to give away The chase before i toast my battery but youve got to admit. I think this quad did a very credible job of keeping up now, its not a racing quad, its not designed for speed, but the performance of the quad really actually kind of impressed me when it just comes to all that speed, its probably the fastest quad. I have in my collection so when im chasing models at the field, this may be my number one choice and then, of course, i just scoot it across the runway and landed but yeah. What well do now is well listen to the pilot of the jet, see what he has to say about that flight. What he thought of this quad, so you were flying youll, find that jet werent you that i just chased i was, and how fast does it fly? Do you reckon oh thats, probably in the 250k range maxed out yeah, but of course, to keep bruce happy there? Yeah, but what did you think of the speed of the quad that ive got on that that quad can keep up? That is seriously quick, yeah, um and so whats the aircraft youre flying uh? This is a graham smithson design thing called turbatic its roughly the same as a um uh, the airplanes known as a reaction series of aeroplanes um.

This was uh. You know sort of inspired by the reaction and uh graham smithson created this one um to suit the engines of the day excellent. Well, thank you for helping out with that review. Thats no worries very useful. Thank you. Thank you here. We go its time for the boring bits where an old man tries to fly freestyle and fails abysmally, but thats, not the fault of the quad thats, just my lack of skills. I love proximity so with a bit of proximity here, just whizzing through the trees. Now this is with the runcam 5 and its 1440p mode, which is 4 3, which is why youve got a square picture, not a full screen one. But this gives you an idea. It really does move this little corner it hikes along im, not really pushing hard. I didnt really have enough camera angle on during this flight, but its it. It flies really good. It honks and itll do rolls itll do loops um yeah. What more could you wish for so ill leave you to enjoy this absolutely abysmal attempt at doing some freestyle and some proximity and ill come back to you in a moment, because then, the next day i went and flew at the local park, where the lighting was Much better because if you look at this, its pretty dismal weve got clouds blocking the sun, so were in a big shadowed area, but the sky itself is very bright, hard conditions for any camera watch and enjoy.

So here we are next day at the park and were flying now with the run. Cam sit in 1080p mode, so not so much resolution, but it is a 16 9 image and im just flying around the park, lovely lighting today, much better than the previous day. This quad is, is really kind of fun to fly because look just chasing these birds, no problem with maneuverability. It actually inspires a bit of confidence, and i should point out that this is probably not a quad that a hardcore freestyler would buy, even though it would fit the bill quite nicely. Its a quad that probably people like me would buy people who, who would just want to do some close proximity and pretend they can fly freestyle because it is, it flies so well, but you dont have to do anything. No tuning no setup required just bind it and fly it, and so youre paying a premium for that, but you are getting, i honestly believe, a very good quality quad that flies extremely well. So the fact that youre, not seeing any super fantastic freestyle in this review is probably not such a big thing, because i dont think the people who buy this are going to be doing that kind of super fantastic freestyle. Theyre going to be doing exactly what you see here, which is having a ball through the trees at the local park or were just tooling around, you know just having a bit of fun, and so this is what you can do.

If you do that, i say im a my 70th year and i have parkinsons and this flies damn well for me. So ive got no complaints. Now this has been the run. Cam camera so far, im going to do a loop here in the top im changing to the dji digital system. This is recorded direct from the goggles. This is in the dvr and the goggles, and i think you have to admit that the image quality of dji is pretty damn good. It is impressive um, but one thing i noticed with the dji and ive noticed it before its just an artifact of the camera and the way the system works is the colors are nice and vivid here. So the nice brilliant colors were going into a shadowed area and suddenly the colors will wash out the ground has sort of now gone tan, its a brown color when i come out of that area, its still washed out, but suddenly we get to here and bing. It goes bright colors again, i dont know what happens there. I havent done that in editing thats, just as it came from the camera its just ive been, but who cares? Because it looks so damn good anyway, it doesnt really matter, and this thing gives you the confidence to do these low, sweeping maneuvers around the trees. Without even thinking about it, you just feel the the digital image plus the way the quad handles just makes it so much fun to do this stuff.

You know getting really low, getting really fast, um yeah if youve got the money id say you know this. Is this is a really good buy if youve got the money, if you dont have the money well too bad, but um its, not cheap? Look at this ping through the gap, no problems at all, then under the tree. Turning under the tree very low turn, uh brilliant felt quite comfortable doing all that so yeah. What ill do now and you can do a roll and what ill do now is leave you to watch the rest of the video and ill come back at the end and give you a little bit of a summary in case you werent paying attention earlier Music. So, Music, so Music, so here we go different day different shirt and theres the quad front, cam on the top there um summary summary: what do i think of this quad i got ta say i really love it. It ive only well when i made those flights, they were probably my first half a dozen or so flights and ive had quite a few more now, and i just it flies so damn well, it really really does, and i hate to say it. I really hate to say it, but it might actually wean me off my analog because its its not just the digital but its the combination of this frame, the the flight, stack that the whole package is just so nice and its my first 6s quad.

So maybe that contributes as well, but it is just a fun machine to fly im going to fly the back side of this thing for the next few weeks. I might give you a follow up video and you know what i think, but yeah. As i said in the uh during the flight, if you can afford it, i dont think youd uh, regret buying this thing. It is, it is the nicest quad i now have in my collection, so yeah good work get rc um. I you know. I really like the gep rc stuff, its really working well for me and in a recent video you may have seen i dont know where i put it now. I used the the gipp cine log, 30, 30 or 35, whatever it is to get some footage at our local jet meeting and it was beautiful. The the the quad flu really its the best cine quote ive got so gip. Rc have made two of my favorite quads now and thats, pretty good going. So thank you. Geparsi um ill put a link in the description to the geparsi site. You can go and find all the specs and that out for yourself, im not here to read im, not your mother im not here to read that for you and if you want to buy this quad. No affiliate link in the description of this video. So go to your favorite reviewer and use their affiliate links.

If you want to support another reviewer go and use their affiliate links, i dont use affiliate links so go and support someone whose reviews you like and tell them.