We need like another hole in the head and have a quadcopter. Yes, just for the Hobby needs another quadcopter, remote, controlled quadcopter, but actually I got ta say I really like this little cine queen is called the cine queen for Katzman Gipp RC. That made a lot of these little quads. The first one I've, seen and I've got to say I'm mightily impressed now I'm a bit of a cine quad fan. I like sunny quads, because I like to get I like to get nice footage, but I don't want to bang into things and have my props fell a tree or a branch and fall on the ground and ruin the day, so cynic wads with their little prop Guards and things aren't really nice, and this one is really nice because it's sub 250, now I reviewed the whole Ebro copis City, quad thing and that's quite a bit more than 250 grams. It has the DJI digital system that this is an analogue quad, no digital. If pv system on this, it has a traditional fpv system and what it does have, though, is a 4k camera. So it's gon na be very interesting to compare preps the the digital DJI system or a cine quad with the DJI digital system to an analogue city code because they both have this strengths and weaknesses. But in this video I'm gon na talk about this before I'll do the comparison in a future video, because there are some very important pros and cons to it, but let's take a look at the the Gipp RC or does it Sooni queen 4k? Here we go right, we don't unbox things, but it comes in a box.

Everything comes in a box, so this comes in a box and it's all apparently it's a high quality, quadcopter chef art has to agree with it. This pretty good quality. What are you getting lunch? Will you get some spare props, although with the prop guides, I don't think you'll need them, but hey, even if you don't need them, they are there. You get some stickers, everyone loves cool stickers, you get some instructions. This was a bind and fly with the free sky it's in plus receiver, so you get the instructions for the XM plus that's, all very well and good. What else did I get? I got a card from get us. The support had to get support. Okay, I haven't needed support. I'M happy get some of these foam strips I've, no idea what these are for. I don't know honestly. I have no idea what those, but you get very handy to get you get a couple of tubes as well, and you get a little L and Kiefer done doing. Nuts and bolts, but I've already lost that because I under some nuts and bolts never mind, but quadcopter is the quadcopter here. This comes in a number of flavors it's, not just one option. It comes with a choice of the run, chem hybrid or the calyx tarsier, and this one has the calyx toss Xena initially, I thought I'd rather had the run cam one, but on reflection and having spent some time playing with the the tarsier, I think they both Have their pros and cons now, which one should you choose? I guess it depends on what's important to you, but I have a piece of paper here which I made some notes and we're gon na run down some of the things that I've noticed well.

First of all, this obviously is a 4k camera that's maximum resolution. Now I wind out on a cold morning, surprisingly cold for winter, and I got some footage. Some 4k footage – and here we go. This was filmed at our town center in 4k, 30 frames per second it's, not very good. It was actually my second only flight with this quad and my fingers a bit shaky at that out of the morning. So here you go, but what I wanted to get a look at was the light handling, because the the tarsier just has hands down better light handling. Then the runcam hybrid you'll notice with them the sun is shot here. We still like good detail in the blacks. It doesn't it's a good, wide dynamic range and they, the only Chris's, might have of the run. Cam hybrid is the wide dynamic range sucks really seriously compared to most of their other offerings. I don't know what they've done wrong, but in the conditions like this, the Tashia really really shines. It looks pretty damn good. I haven't even really color graded much of the footage I'm showing you in the video today, but there we go that's a quick look at it and that's fine. Now, of course, there's two passed these cameras. There is the High Definition recording camera and there is the live. Fpv, camera and i'd have to say that comparing the the run cam hybrid to the tars, yet Natasia has a bit of life camera.

I, like the output from the Tarzi, live camera, but it doesn't show up that well on the on the DVR footage, but in in real life it just looks a little bit better. I don't know why, but I just like it, but they pretty close. So you'd probably be happy with either but let's get away from the camera because they say that there are two options: I'm, just showing you one option is look at the qua itself. Some of the best features we'll look at this sparkly Barbie plastic, prop guards isn't that nice look sparkly fantastic. I think that's the first quarter of ever seen, which has sparkles. Is it a pro or a con? I don't know it depends what kind of neighborhood you live in, I suppose, but hey it's got them, and the nice thing about these prop guards is look. They are very, very narrow, there's, not much height and those I have my dial calipers here somewhere. I will measure them and we'll see just how thick those prop guards are, because really all they have to do is stop the props from getting broken. So let's put them on here and we have just a smidgen over 9 millimeters, deep and that's important. I think one of the best features of this as a cine quaters, if I hold it up like this look out Finnerty's in terms of top to bottom there's, not a lot of profile to this thing, the batteries, the thickest part – and that means this is really Quite unaffected by the wind now the holey broke opus, which I'll be comparing this to later, has very, very thick prop guards.

I think that tweaked nearly 30 millimetres deep, the prop guards, so it gets blown around the wind a lot, even though it's a heavier quad. So this thing handles the wind with ease. In fact, one of the for the first flight I had with it was out here and I'll. Show you some DVR footage. I win it and flew by the wind song and you can see from the wind sock just how windy it was, and this is the essay that the live fpv. Video camera footage. Unfortunately, I forgot to start the HD recording, so I don't have HD recording this to show you, alongside that, hey that's, what it looks like through the fpv camera and it's great, but notice how stable it is in the wind isn't this isn't getting blown around at All I was really really impressed that's one of the big features of this tiny little pod for a sub 250 she's, pretty rock steady in the air. Now, if we start looking inside the gaps of it, let's take the battery off, because we don't need that. Show you what it takes. A 650 million three or four cell for cell it's got plenty of punch, it's, quite a peppy little machine on four cells. Three cells it's a bit more sedate. If you want to do some cinematic filming, there's, slow drifting through the trees or around buildings or people, three cells it's going to be more than enough because you don't need that punch, but the four cells outdoors it can handle all sorts of things.

This is a pretty crappy tattoo. 651 cells just gone bad on me, damn it, but before the battery Wynn said, it's only had about ten charges. Before the better we had said, I was getting about five minutes, which is pretty good, pretty good for a little quad. Like this right, let's look at the business in down here where we go to leave electronic RF good re standard 5.8 yoghurts, lollipop antenna there. They come with these little plastic tubes, which house your antennas for your receiver and that's, pretty good everything's out of the way. It'S not going to get failed on a branch or tree or a person or whatever, and yet it's. It seems to provide really good performance. The video transmitter itself will go from 25 to 500 milliwatts I've been using it in 200 milli watts, because not so much power in a little battery. So I don't want to use anymore paths and I have to turn triple. Watts has been fine. I'Ve had up to 300 meters of range and they're still getting a solid rock solid video picture. So hey I'm happy with that I'd only use 500. If I was going to be going behind trees or in areas where I thought I might be a little bit marginal as you can see the RC receivers in the top, there say this was a bind and fly. So this was all installed for me. The bind buttons really accessible sets super super easy to sit up.

It'S got an F for flight controller, running B to flight, so if you're familiar with B to flight and if full flight controllers, this is a doddle to sit up really really quick, really simple. One thing I should point out is that the flight control is buried and the guts down the air right right down there in the guts of it and, as you can see, the prop guard blocks the little micro USB port for the flight controller. How are you going to plug in well? The holy bro gave us a right angle, connector, and I tried there but doesn't fit it's there's, just not enough space in there to fit a right angle, connector, but capaci. They included this in the box. I should have showed you that earlier it's, just a little circuit board, which has micro USB facing that way on there and a micro USB up and down. So you put that in there plug it in and you can connect your standard micro. Usb cable to the top could be a bit careful though, because there's, a fair amount of leverage you'll be applying to the onboard connector there you don't rip it off. So caution is the key word, but hey it works and it makes it very easy to plug in and sit up. Whoo bonus points right. The battery strip is quite cool. It I'm surprised they have a metal buckle on it. I don't think I've seen on such a small quad, a metal buckle before, but it goes right around the body and it sits between these two rows of screws here.

So it's really good. It stops it doesn't slide backwards and forwards, and there is a little rubber pad here, which they give you yet to stick it on yourself are the things you have to do if to stick that on yourself, which grips the battery very well. So nothing nothing moves and you'll notice that this isn't sort of, like just everything, stepped on top of each other. All the components are laid out along the length of the quad, so the balance is pretty good. Look at this. It balances really well, and that makes for much better handling, you're not constantly having to have a flight controller fight against them out of balance situation. Of course, the battery sits right there in the middle, so it is an exceptionally well balanced quad, which shows in the flight characteristics. What else have I got on my list of things here? Yep nearly finished it that's a bit it. The only things again going back to the thing is going to be the choice of camera. I think there are plenty of reviews of the tarsier too, and also reviews of the run cam hybrid. So you can make your choice up based on that, I think in terms of the receiver options, you've got fly sky or free sky. I think I saw on the penguin website, which means I just have to put it to you. This was sent in by Ben good full review, but if I didn't, like it I'd tell you, I get plenty of crap had plenty crap from been good in the past, but this is a good machine.

I think, if I see have done a really good job with this, so I guess all I can really do now is fly it and give you some flight footage. In fact, I went down to the park this morning just in the Golden Arrow and I got some footage flying through the trees. Now this footage I haven't graded, the color at all. This is the colours and natural as they come off the camera. What I have done is I've simply added a little bit of stabilization and because my video, my camcorder here this one shoots at 50 frames a second, I have used optical flow to retime. The 30 frames are seeking from the camera to 50 frames a second, so that explains a tiny little artefacts. In some cases, when the Sun is bright in the sky, but notice notice, when the Sun is bright in the sky, if she's shining straight to the lens of the camera, the wide dynamic range on the stasi camera is just super super excellently good, fantastic. I love it it's, really nice yeah that's about it. I would say yes, if you're looking for a City quad with a 4k camera that will fly indoors, will fly outdoors. It'S got good. Flight endurance is really really well tuned out of the box and that's an important feature hi. This is this pretty good value. It is pretty damn good, very good. Congratulations, give us see you later really a little quadcopter here for the kind of things I like doing getting those intimate fpv shots at 4k.

Can you believe it for capes? Just before I go. The only thing I don't like about the tarsier is that apparently and 2.7 K, which is my favorite resolution. It only does 43 what's worth it at least that's what it says in the book. I haven't tried it because I've only had this a couple of days to really try out, but if that's not important, don't worry about it. This is versatile enough that you can get those slow cinematic shots through the trees or you can chase someone whether you can chase a motorbike or chase a car. It look. It won't necessarily keep up with high speed stuff, but it's good enough, get up and go to get up and go and it's fully aerobatic. If you pop it into ear mode, save it up for ear mode, you can do flips and rolls and let's sort of stuff. So I was originally thinking well. Why would you buy one of these instead of something like a mythic mini? Having mini is sub 250 perfect mini he's got a honey, got a 1080p camera, but let's face it most of the time you're gon na be using 1080p or something about 4k yeah isn't. A lot of useful, but for 4k and issue down scaling and cropping and so forth in the editing, so maybe it wouldn't it be better. On a numeric it's got GPS. Every key has got DJ. I support maverick here is simpler to fly and I've have to say if you just want to get panoramic shots the camera in the air that sweeps around gets pictures of trees and things the mimic you might be bitter.

But if you want a versatile thing that you can shoot gaps, you can chase people you can. You can really have a ball with. You can treat it like a five inch mini quad or you can treat it like a cine quad. I can't beat this little thing at the moments the best one I have tried to date. So if you haven't tried cine quadding, I really recommend you do it just opens up new doors and windows to having fun with fpv so and if you want to send quad well, this one's looking pretty damn good, certainly from the perspective of analog, it is the Best I have seen so there you go now, there's a link in the description. If you want to support the channel click on that link, gon na have a look at all the information on the been good website. It'S, not perfect link. I don't make a bean from it because I don't want you thinking that I'm trying to pitch this as being a good product if it's not, but I think other reviews on YouTube have also given it a pretty good write up so there's a bit of consensus Here, yeah it's a nice little quad sin very nice. I will be giving it a lot of flight time and there you go so if I can rush it and get some more footage off, stick it on the end.