High quality, very visible, can’t, wait to start using it arrives in nylon. Bag with small loop for carrying in the bag is three stakes to anchor pad and a sheet of decals to place on the pad. It is blue on one side and orange on the other. It is to twist and fold to place back in the bag. It seems to be sewn together, well and no snags. I am using with a dji mavic 2 zoom works great nice, perfect size and very visible from the air. Keep your craft clean and camera protected. With this once you understand how to fold the pad up, it becomes about a foot in diameter, great value, for the money. I thought that for this price it might be similar in quality and firmness to w collapsible car window shade. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it is very sturdy and rigid. The metal ring is a very strong band that makes the fabric very taut.