220’S frame would definitely recommend this Music works as expected. Decent room available for mounting things as well standard size, mount holes, great, looking frame, good price arms are a little weak. They bend out of place sometimes other than that great i’ve crashed this frame so many times and it has held together, like none other i’ve, been through quite a few frames, especially breaking arms off, but i am starting to think that this one is unbreakable. I mean i’ve bombed this thing into metal poles full speed on sixes, with about 578 grams of weight total on it, including batteries, and i end up breaking everything, but this frame Music. With this frame, i was able to push myself and learn new tricks and tight gaps with no worries of breaking anything, but the props, which is nothing to worry about this drone, is great for the money. However, it’s not very strong, my first flight, i landed a little hard and broke the arm. I have had cheaper drones, take more than that, so won’t buy it again. After reading some reviews, i thought it would not be very durable i’m running sixis and i’ve bashed.