This is up there. Seller was outstanding. You have no worries slight issue with the plug jim took care of have used the drone several times. I bought a cheap drone last year to learn to fly, crashed it every other time i took it out. I live where it’s windy a lot, and the femi gives me confidence and great video. I can’t really say enough about the phimi. X8. Sc2020. I own several drones and the x8 holds its own against all of them easy to fly right out of the box smooth and stable in flight plenty of preset flight options like circle rocket, droney and spiral. The camera takes great video and photos the quality right there. With my mavic air too, the photos and video attached were taken on a very gray day: 4k hdr digital zoom and the 3 axis gimbal is rock solid. If you are like me and got burned on a pre order or waiting because of delayed shipping, don’t wait, even though prices on pre orders are lower, the drone is easily worth the extra money. This a great drone for the money and gym camera is a great vendor, very fast shipping and great service. This drone works best in an area that is more open and rural versus in a highly urban or even suburban, setting, as it struggles to get the minimum number of gps satellites required to fly in gps mode without a clear sky Music. I will say that, even without full gps, the drone is very stable and flies well, just be super careful flying outside of gps mode.