Not many people know that kazakhstan is also home to one of the best airlines in the world, air stana, ive flown them several times on their 767, both in business and economy class, and i was more than impressed. I also took a trip on their old boeing. 757, which, since has been replaced by the airbus a321 neo and thats my mission today, to give their regional product a try. So please join me on my flight from almaty to tashkent uzbekistan, Music. I started my trip in dubai on arizona 767 and my connection flight to tashkent would only leave the next morning. I decided to pay for an upgrade to business cars, so i could spend the night inside the lounge very little did. I know, though, that the lounge was closed, so the airline offered me a room at the vip terminal, which was a really lovely gesture, guys a beautiful good morning from kazakhstan right now and now, im in almaty and ill be flying to tashkent today and i cant Enter the country, but i had a 16 hour transit and what ariston i did. They just put me into the vip terminal where i spent the night. As you can see um. That was my room thats. Where i slept um, they even gave me an amenity kit was so nice, its a former airport terminal like back in the soviet times, and it looks very soviet as well. So let me quickly show you around, because its very interesting to see – but here can you see vip, i feel very important right now and yeah.

So upstairs you have a few vip rooms, and this is what the terminal looks like. The vip terminal was opened originally in 1936, as the regular airport building in 2004. The new terminal opened replacing this one Music Music. So if there should be an airport that we should name after walton bankrupt, that is probably the one, but unfortunately its gon na get demolished, because theyre gon na extend the airport the main terminal – and this is soon all be history, Music. So in part of the vip terminal, experience is, of course, a beautiful breakfast, which i wasnt expecting. It is actually plain food. It turned out very interestingly, i believe for like i had 16 hours on the ground. I was like okay, im gon na be long 16 hours on the terminal floor, but i think thats a really great idea now. Unfortunately, you cant enter kazakhstan at the moment, but you still can transit so but now its time to go back to where i belong. To the normal terminal, which is just connected to the vip terminal, so lets go no more vip. It was then time to board the 321 neo, which comes in a two class configuration. You have 28 dedicated business class seats in a 2 2 configuration as well as 151 seats in economy class. Every seat features an individual monitor even in economy class, but lets have a closer look at aristotles regional fleet, which is one of the youngest and most modern.

In all of asia, it features four brand new 321 neos, as well as five to twenty neos for flights up to 6 hours. But the flagship is the airbus a221lr, with a range of 4000 nautical miles, featuring a flatback business class and is operating on flights such as dubai, frankfurt, london, istanbul or colombo in sri lanka. Another interesting fact most of the planes are registered in aruba, a little island nation in the caribbean, probably due to tax reasons. In 2019, aristana established fly ariston a low cost carrier which mainly focuses on the domestic market and is operating 10. Former airbus 320 ceos, which were formally operated by aristana, we then started our pushback, but before we take off, let me give you a quick seat. Tour. The neo features a recliner seats with a personal entertainment screen in front of you. You also get an individual power outlet, as well as a usb song. Noise cancelling headphones and a pillow were already ready at your seat, not bad for short, 80 minutes flight. Unfortunately, my microphone failed me on takeoff. So let me simulate the noise of the engines for you or maybe not Music, but let me also quickly mention that the in flight entertainment of aristana features plenty of entertainment options, hollywood, bollywood and local kazakh movies. Once i reached cruising altitude, the cabin manager came to take my breakfast order. To my surprise, it was the same to remember from 2018 on my astana to frankfurt flight, glad to see her still enjoying her job.

Quite comfy for a regional business class beats any european carrier on an inter european flight thats for sure in 28 seats, thats. Quite a lot that looks nice Music. So here we go very short flight, uh ham and cheese or might just be a cheese croissant in a hot bun, some chocolate and some coffee. Oh no, im, fine, im good its, like 20 minutes id like to eat everything, no im, not good. That looks beautiful. Thank you so much all right, beautiful! Thank you! So cute a little box of chocolates um once again, proper cutlery, so much appreciated. While all airlines are trying to be so cheap aristana does not care, they want to deliver it. They say you paid a lot of money for your flight ticket, so we want to keep our standards up and all in turn, like all with those ongoing safety regulations, so theres no harm in this. You know theres no cost cutting anything like this crew is sensational. Love the crew i dont know like one of my favorite airlines has always been on spot on branding great crew, professionalism, absolute professionalism, the crew is so well trained and so kind always as well like i cant stop um praising the airline because a lot they did Deserve so much more credit than they actually got, but yeah its an airline i really enjoy. If i would be a ceo and i had to run an airline, i would run it the same way.

Mr foster, like the ceo of aristana, does i would run it exactly the same way because its just uh its a cute little boutique airline – that is just so much fun to fly as well, but now lets eat before the croissant gets cold. Damn i almost ate a tomato and dont like tomatoes. The food was fresh and great of quality, but i appreciate the fact that the airline serves a decent meal in times of cost cutting for the rest of the flight. I did enjoy the beautiful scenery of the stars, an absolute underrated region that is worth every trip, so make sure you add it to your bucket list with tashkent inside. We started our descent into pakistans capital. This time my microphone was working perfectly fine ill. Let you enjoy the sound of those beautiful engines on our way to the remote gate. We taxi past uzbekistan, airways fleet, including the seven six, seven, seven, eight and the 320, which ive all reviewed already so feel free to watch those videos too to see how they compare to aerostar. Well, thank you for the nice life Music. Congratulations once again: Music, bye, Music, so welcome to tashkents uh, very easy immigration, very lovely and now im here were supposed to be here: shuttle but theres, none so um! I have no cash of so yeah thats gon na be funny to figure out how to get to my hotel somehow but like uh, a lovely flight aristana.

Thank you so much love the experience once again and now lets see what was biggest on and in two days whose biggest on airways has to offer.