This is the e sky sparrow, it says on the wing. It also says on the wing that has an aileron there and a nailer in there. It tells you the motor is the left, motor and right motor um. This is a really interesting model because its its its so damn easy to fly, but its so challenging as well its like. How do you, how do you explain that? Well, its a ready to fly or a bind and fly or blind two fly model from e sky, and it comes if you buy the ready. The flight comes with this lovely little transmitter here with a little mushroomy sticks, which is you know its fine um, but the thing with this is it is just so totally different, its a biplane. For a start, its got two motors, a twin bi plane. I dont think i know of many other twin biplane models you can buy and this thing actually flies so damn so well so easily. I thought im going to let other people tell you what they think of it. So heres bill bill is a regular fly here. At the club – and he had his first flight ever with this thing yesterday – and this is what it looked like – this is bills first flight with the east guy sparrow, yep and youve, never flown it before and youre pretty crap anyway arent. You yeah well see what it goes like. You wont, be able to work it out.

I bet you cant work it out. Well, you cant even get it to go. No because actually theres a little switch here which charms it arm and disarm. Yep, hey its pretty windy for this bloody thing, no, its fine, but it handles it beautifully. Really you just nail it look at that: oh wow, really, its good isnt it! Oh yeah! You got ta use quite a bit of rudder in the tub yeah wow, its delightful really. I think so too. Its really neat im like its flying its not flying a kite yeah, actually in the wind, its great because its a challenge when it gets really windy. Those gyros are neat. These gyros do a wonderful job dont they bill. They certainly do oh thats as neat i like it. I like it, it doesnt do loops or anything its got a bit of power, though, when you need it, but its limited. With that right hand switch where it is its limited to about 30 degrees of bank and pitch. Oh, you get it on full jar right yeah. If you turn it down, itll do itll go as far as you want it, but its still kind of lacking in enough elevator authority to do a loop, see what i mean uh it doesnt quite make it does it it really doesnt want to leak. Oh itll do a roll, but it its really youve got to do it high because you can lose a bit of oh here.

We go oh its fun to fly. Oh its neat, oh yeah, how cool gee that rubber is strong, isnt it the differential thrust. It does drop its nose a bit. Oh thats cool. I like that. Look at that i can make it dance and it is quite a reasonable bit of breeze isnt it. Oh, absolutely absolutely yeah its still quite flyable. It doesnt care. No, that gyro is doing a wonderful job, because i couldnt do that better and you can get 15 minutes out of the battery ive already had two flights on it. I want to roll it. It will roll but youre, going to be really high because and use a lot of down, because when you get upside down it does tend to lose a bit of height Music. Well, that was well look at that beautiful. I was gorgeous mate. I lied, but can you do a landing, hmm well ill, just about walk along beside it at the speed youre good, almost oh! This is cool. I really like it. I want it for home. I want this to fly around home, yep ive flown around my place. Actually, although id never admit to that, i want one seriously for round round. Yeah were on the back lawn and im going to put fpv on it too, because its got no prop, in the view, its a perfect little fpv with a little 25 all in one fpv on the front yeah, i think its cool.

Do you know how much it weighs no 157 grams? I think its, not heavy. Okay, one with the land yeah. This is the real test sorts them in from the boys. I tell you: it was a bit hard. You have to walk through it so bill. Your honest opinion, please, i know youve been waiting. I love it. In fact, i would like one you want to buy. One are you i would, i think, ill buy one. Oh damn i have an affiliate link in the description. You better put up an affiliate link because i want one i want to fly. One thatll fly, my on my section: ive got a half acre section, anchor section but most of its trees, but i reckon thatll fly in it good thats. What i want. I want that excellent bill. Thank you for having so cool great and the other weekend. I flew this thing for the first time and neil had the camera here at the field. He got some photo or some video of me flying it so heres another look at what the damn thing looks like and how much fun you can have flying the singles. Quite a strong wind, i have to say – and this thing handled it with ease Music Music. Oh, this is so easy. Its looking all right, yeah its great Music, come back. Come back Music. I think hes Laughter such a dangerous machine at 150 grams yeah. I didnt want you to buddy name right, so this is a pre released version of the model.

I think me, and perhaps a few other people got this to review and i dont often go overboard about models. But i really like this now im a skilled flyer. Some would say not, but i think im reasonably skillfly and i still enjoy this thing, but it is fantastic for beginners as well, because its just almost uncrashable its got gyros full gyro control on ailerons or roll pitch, and your differential thrust on these little motors here Is as incredible your control, in fact, my biggest complaint might be for beginners, which this ideally is suited for. Is that rudder? Is your primary turn control the ailerons? Well, they bank it a bit, but the rudder is far more effective. So i would like to see perhaps a bit of a change in that um to add a bit more air and input with your for beginners, or at least more more. Your input with aileron for beginners a little bit of a mix or something would help things out a little bit, because most beginners are going to rely on the right hand, stick to do the turning, but to do a good turn. You need to use both sticks on here, which is kind of advanced for a lot of people. Some people dont. Never some people believe that the the left hand stick is only for taxi, but and it does taxi its got the differential thrust, although it has a fixed tail wheel. The differential thrust is enough to provide really good taxing quality, turning qualities on the ground.

Thats, pretty impressive, so yeah another thing that i would probably suggest to east guys. These are brushed motors now, theyre, fine, theres enough power, its not overpowered, theres, adequate power, im, not sure the longevity of brushed motors um. I would like to see a version with brushless motors, because, if you put a bit more power in this thing, itll be a bit of a hot rod. It really would itd be so much so much exciting times to be had with a model that had a more than a one to one powder weight ratio with this configuration. So maybe theyll do that in the future. I dont know for sure, but as it is out of the box ready to fly man, this would make this would have made such a great christmas present for so many people. I dont know when its launched. I dont know what the prices, but considering its an all in one ready to fly, just in fact take it out of the box um. What did that have to do? Put the undercarriage legs and thats right thats? All i had to do was clip in the undercarriage legs charge. The batteries and fly takes four a.a dry cells, alkalines or nih, and the transmitter provide those yourself batteries not included, but theres two lipos came with mine. I think theyd probably get two lipo 650 milliamp to cell. I am certainly going to put fpv on this thing, its crying out for fpv isnt it and the only concern there might be its probably got limited range with this setup.

I think they claim 600 meters, but lets be serious. This is a proximity, fpv model youre not going to go long distances its for flying between buildings and around the house and everywhere its just oh fantastic. I cant say too many positive things about this model is not a lot i dont like about it so yeah there you go. If you are looking for something like this, then this is something like this and its the best ive seen in this category of take. It out of the box fly it and it takes off on the grass. Does everything fantastic um? It wont i say: does everything it wont, do everything it doesnt do loops theres, just not enough power enough authority to do a loop in this thing, but thats thats not for doing loops its, not a big deal and the transmitter has quite interesting. It has two switches, one is for arming. So until you flick the arm switch, the motors wont go and the other one is for rates high and low and on high rates. Youve got enough authority, but not enough power to do things like loops. It does roll, but not a pretty role, but its not for that on a lovely, fine, calm warm day like today or even a winters day if its calm it just floats around you see how slow it flies if you want it to, but in a windy Day, man, you can just battle the elements, you can go full hammer into the wind and it is just fun.

The gyros really make it a stable craft even in the most turbulent conditions. Oh as you can see, im over the moon im wrapped with this thing. Im going to spend the rest of the day flying this until i just fall asleep there you go so thats it. Thank you, east guy. I always acknowledge when this this was sent to me for review by east guy its on the hobby. I think it is um and it is, i think, its another winner. I think it is going to be a winner that little um thing i reviewed on the flights thats excellent. This is also excellent. They dont have a lot of models, but what theyve got are really really good. Im quite impressed with zonda hobby, slash e sky to this point in time. So hopefully, theyll bring out some more cool stuff as well and if they do ill review it and if its good ill tell you if its crap ill, tell you that too now i know bill wants to buy one, and we mentioned in the in the video Affiliate links there are no affiliate links on this channel. I dont make money by trying to sell you stuff that you dont need or that isnt very good um. I dont try and sell you stuff. That is good either, but i just tell you the difference. You can make your own mind up and i dont want to be seen to be influenced by commercial imperatives.

So there is a link in the description of this video, but it is not an affiliate link, see theres, no special numbers, its just a link to the esco website. You can go and have a look at all the details. I think its about 160 grams. This thing with the battery is so light. Anyway, you can go and look at the details if you want one theres bound to be people selling them by now. I think, if not very soon go and buy. One have a good time have a really good time. With a model like this anyway, thanks im gon na fly, some more ive had enough. No more talking to cameron lets get on. Oh thanks to my patreon supporters.