Always awesome to be able to see a device ahead of time and be able to show those that are possibly interested in supporting these campaigns if its something you actually want to uh support right, crowdfunding thats its the thing nowadays, its the thing. So today uh we are looking at something called the eraser, the revolutionary ceramic blade portable shaver. Now last a year. Maybe i dont even remember when we did the video, because the last two years have blended together we did a review for a little mini shaver, which looks very similar to this, but standard blades, this ones ceramic blades, so thats, a big difference because you shouldnt have To uh replace the blades uh very often so today, what were gon na do is were gon na look at uh, their kickstarter page uh were going to take a look at what comes in this little package that we got sent to us and were gon na. Were gon na do a just a small little just a small little trim just a little just a little trim just to see how it works all right, coming up Music, all right, my friend, so here it is eraser revolutionary ceramic shaver. Now theyve got 2 800 backers already at time of filming with two weeks to go now uh. This video is going to come out a little later and there wont be two weeks left. Just you guys know price for these uh.

If you can get it at the early bird phase, youre looking at as you can see here about fifty dollars, u.s thats, pretty good price for just a razor. But here you go ceramic blades, lightweight 68 grams, ipx7 safety, lock a .05 millimeter, close shave, good uh 60 days. I guess on a charge, usb c and 6600 rpms so seems to be fast. Its weird right – because i maybe its just me but in regards to like razors and things like that – im, not ones that are i im knowledgeable on like specs im like so how fast does it spin? I just want to know whats going to shape shave me right see here. It is tired of replacing your razor diamond shaped ceramic blades wont, go dull for years, thats, awesome right and stay clean and rust free again, because theyre not going to be made of like its just a generic metal. All right, razer uses zirconium dioxide, ceramic blades, thats, thats cool, say goodbye to this stuff. So if you want razor bumps, then maybe you dont want this right, but corrosion dull, thats, the big thing for me: ive had different razors over the years and maybe im probably just lazy. They get dull and im just like now what ill just go buy. A new razor, so everything nowadays right, you just you think of it as disposable, so not which is not good, so this, hopefully, will be able to be a razor that i just keep.

So here it is heres the box uh eraser, its a nice box, though you guys can see its just just black. Now i dont know if this is what you find folks will get uh over time uh, but just so, you guys see too right theres different ones here. This is the early bird eraser single set. So it says it comes with a charging cable, a cleaning brush and a little pouch anything else here, double razor the family set times six, so it looks like theyre all its all kind of the same kit as just if you want to buy more. So if you have a friend, maybe maybe get a friend involved and then youll be good. So this this is it all right, eraser eraser! You guys see that here there it is in the box, its nice. Looking nice presentation, i cant tell if its bigger or smaller than the one we did before ill put a link up. You know so you guys can see the other one, but i think this is about the same price, maybe less and like i said that ceramic tip or blades, i guess theres, not a tip its not like. The tip of this is ceramic the blades right all right and yep there. It is theres a little case, theres a little usb cable and a little brush yeah so set that all up there thats nice little little tiny bag, thats nice little gray bag.

Hey you guys see that its cool theres, your little cleaning brush. What more do you need? You dont need anything more than that and uh usbc to usb a charging cable and actually its pretty standard, probably about a foot i like, and then here you go. This is it thats the razer right there eraser theres your on off switch theres, your little waterproof or usbc. Can i pull that off yep there you go usbc on the bottom. You guys will be able to see that there right, thats, good and im guessing thats. This looks like a little faucet. I dont. Is there a button? No, i dont think so, but is there a top on this nope? Does this unspin yep? So this would be down the road im guessing if you ever want to replace it. You would just kind of replace this so im guessing on their site down the road a thousand years or whatever it is that you need. You would just get a new one of those and then just screw it back on. But like someone for me, like i dont shave, probably as much as i should, or a lot of people do, because i dont i dont, i dont mind being a little scruffy, thats thats, my jam um. This just may last even longer, but lets see if it has any power in it ready so were just going to hold this oh hear that all right ceramic here we are were testing the ceramic ready.

You hear it definitely expect its nice and smooth. It feels weird to talk about shaving. You know i need a mirror is what i need. I got a little little screen in front of me, but its not enough, but its definitely picking it up now. Im gon na im, not gon na, be able to pay attention and im gon na do the rest of the video and one side of my beards, all gon na be like weird, and this is gon na – be weird now this is longer down here. So its probably not as oh, no its getting it but i find like – and this is all razors, if youre using an electric razor, but you cant really have long like what i have like longer beard, hair or like longer, you cant, let it go. You got ta be on top of it more often now the other thing that you may notice like theres, no like hair remnants down here, so this up here seems good right, thats, thats, thats, all right, because its a little shorter so were here same deal right, But i have to say like if it you can hear it cutting but theres no like pulling or anything like you, dont feel like anythings. Just feels smooth on your face. Actually right, which is nice but yeah. Anything long like down here. Dont expect it to really work well and thats, like i said for me in my experience, thats just razors in general uh.

You need to be on top of this right, just shaving all the time. So this is a great way if you were ill turn this off hold on and just click and hold again right. So this is a great way i find, or i would think if you are someone that shaves every day, its super nice and portable and if its give to you geez. It says like 60 days now, i dont know if its 60 days of actual use, because how do you judge that or if its like 60 days, it would just last sitting on the table right not being used. 60 days of use seems like a lot, especially if youre like battery cant, be really large in here um. So my guess would be. You know, maybe a week right. Something like that. But did that do anything i dont know. I guess its hard for me to tell i need to sit in front of a mirror, but you could hear it. You could hear it chewing away, which is good um. You know what 49 bucks, even if you have like a full size, razor or someone that you know you have a normal like razor. This could be a nice way to have something just for those quick trims where youre sitting at a desk reviewing products, you know or you want something in the car just in case you know youre going to when youre like holy crap.

I forgot the shave or youre someone like like me who, even if you shave in the morning, you probably could shave again in the afternoon. You have this in your your your briefcase, so you have it in the car or you have it at the office. You can just be like: oh just give this a little little trim, because you know you have a meeting coming up. You know something like that. Maybe yeah you know, i think i think theyre cool. I like these little mini guys and they they fit good. Now the only thing that i would find, if you have big hands, you know as much as everybody likes having smaller things, uh theres certain things that shouldnt go smaller and i definitely wouldnt go smaller than this, because if you have, i dont have big hands. But if you had big hands and youre just you got a mitt on this and youre trying to hold this. You might find it maybe a little weird to hold. I dont know because you can get it out here. I guess and do it, but still if you have really big myths, maybe not but yeah, no its good. I like it eraser eraser. There you go. This is the eraser right here eraser, you guys see that see it eraser yeah! You know what i think again for the price: pretty cool, pretty cool and you get you get everything and if you only have to buy a razor once or get get the i dont know if you can buy the blades or just get it replaced the whole Razor for 50 bucks every couple of years, thats all right, im done with that all right.

My friends, im gon na put links to uh erasers uh kickstarter uh. The campaign actually ends fairly soon, so hopefully you have probably about a week or so after i get this video up. I think it ends uh on the 11th of september. I think, and it says that their estimated delivery is november of 2021 so fairly soon and as you can see, we have a box, we have the bag, we have all the gears and we have a have a working model, so you should feel fairly confident that They are going to be on track yeah all right, my friends links down below, if you guys, are interested in the eraser ceramic blade. Oh yes, ceramic blade and uh thats it. We will see you guys tomorrow, like comment. Share subscribe, hit that little notification bell and uh tomorrow, i think, were going to probably we may we may do some more lights or earbuds im, not too sure, not too sure either way.