Now, unlike it seems like a lot of uh earbuds in that that are out now, these guys have really focused, especially well, at least in their advertisement uh in regards to the noise canceling side of things. So, as you can see here on uh alavox, actual website, uh elvak, clear, unrivaled noise cancellation for calls music and entertainment, so this is supposed to be live on indiegogo today, hopefully its when this video is out or when you are watching it. If not, maybe just wait an hour or so, and it should be there, but what were going to do is take a look at some of the features of these earbuds. Uh, of course, were going to take a look at what comes in the box and uh. We will do a recording with them to see how well the actual noise canceling works. Yeah so lets do that right now: Music, okay, my friends! So here is their uh. Their actual ellavac website, unrivaled right uh right now sign up now get a 47 off super early bird discount. Now again, you guys are seeing this probably when its actually live so im not sure what their discounts are. They did tell us that the uh early bird pricing should come in around that 60. 70. Us mark so just kind of realize that now thats thats fantastic pricing for earbuds. If, of course, the uh noise canceling works really well and the sound is good.

Uh come down here, introducing um elevate, clear, active noise cancelling for immersive sound with enc environmental noise canceling for clear calls, so a little bit different and and think enc may be something very similar to weve, probably heard cnc, which is like call noise cancellation. I believe so this is environmental noise, cancellation, uh, whats cool. Here too, is they have this uh volk volk plus ai solution, so it says its the worlds. First, deep learning based algorithm for voice capturing now. I had also read in the specs of this that it uses the actual accelerometers that are built into the actual earbuds to uh kind of measure, vibrations that are coming from you kind of talking and then the mics. So it kind of, i guess, puts those two together: the vibrations and the sound to figure out what uh should be captured and, of course, what shouldnt be captured now, the other thing thats kind of cool with it, because you may be a person that uh doesnt Want all the external sound removed, so they have an app and im guessing. This is going to be out its out now on ios for sure this is it here, the ellavac and it allows you to kind of go in and play around with the level of noise canceling, so you can kind of go in and turn it way up. So it cancels kind of everything or you can supposedly funnel it down. So you get some of that external, sound kind of creeping in, depending on what you want.

So very cool right. So lets lets. Take a look here in in the box voice on noise off and actually actually before. We do that lets. Take a look here so some of the things that they uh have for specs uh, six microphones, two next generation voice, accelerometers and those are going to be used for the noise cancelling. I would guess, combined with the elevoc voc plus algorithm uh, which suppresses background noise and elevates your voice, which makes sense theyre using those to kind of synchronize those together, so that the software can figure out what to kind of pull away. Personalized experience with the elevoc app yep, which allows you to figure out how much noise you want in hybrid, active noise, canceling, right and im glad because im always worried has ambient noise ambient mode right or transparency mode, whichever you kind of want to call it six Different ultra soft silicone tips for comfort, 10 millimeter, dynamic drivers, uh for a 360 degree, a sound listening experience; oh yes, and up to 30 hours of play time, so six hours on a single charge and up to four hours, uh four charges. Sorry uh with a charging case, so you get you get some extra right, but six hours, thats, decent and im, hoping because it doesnt say uh my im, hoping that six hours with the noise canceling completely enabled, but i dont know for sure voice on noise off. Here you go right so ill, bring that a little closer for you guys see the box nice looking box and again you know what i find thats kind of important here is that a lot of us that are interested in in supporting on any of these, like Crowdfunding campaigns, one of the biggest concerns and and ive supported a ton of indiegogo and kickstarter campaigns, and they dont always hit their release dates.

So just kind of be aware of that, for one and ive been probably successful with 98 of the ones that i have uh supported, only one only one out of probably about 20. um im still waiting and its its been supposedly right. I backed it like two years ago, so it was supposed to come out like that summer. Um still, no idea, if im ever gon na get it. So this looks way more promising, though, because well i have a box in my hand, right box in my hand, thats kind of thats kind of a purse, a purse thats a purse, its a perk perk. I get talking yep all right, so in the box lets see what they come with lets see what lets see what they come with its got, a its got, a fantastic seal on the box. Maybe two fantastic trying to get that out is is something oh its because theres a theres, a sticky tape there, so its not too fantastic its just the right amount of fantastic. Is that im guessing now yeah there we go okay, so we do get a nice little uh, alabach, hope youre happy with your purchase. If you need help heres your support, email address 12 month warranty, you can contact us or connect with us versus versus. You can connect with us via facebook, twitter or instagram cool and big manual. You know me im very happy with big manuals, so whats inside it everythings got really nice large fonts.

You guys can see that because, as we get older, the eyes start to not be as happy with you all right how to restore how to take care of them instructions operating instructions how to pair with devices charging et cetera, et cetera. It looks like its in a bunch of languages – english, french, japanese, uh, two other languages that i dont i dont i dont know cool, but its good, its big. I like that thats a win, its a win completely. We get two little accessory boxes here. These ones are in there theyre in there. Oh, yes, there there we go okay, so number one im guessing this is by the way you can see the box im guessing. That is the usb cable short did. They give you a small little guy small little guy yeah thats, a thats thats, even smaller than some actually well. I guess it helps keep the price down, but look its just you guys since thats it thats thats all youre, getting right there right, usbc, usba, yes, but look how tiny that is its like its like hand, size so dont expect to be plugging this into the Wall and having your earbuds on the table, charging like this is for charging on on through your laptop and thats thats kind of it. So i do wish they would. They would give you longer than that. It should be long enough like when this is to all not just these guys, almost every pair of earbuds, that ive reviewed over the last six months for sure their their cables are at maximum at maximum.

Maybe a foot um! You should give me long enough, so it can reach a power outlet to a table power outlet to like a table nightstand something like that. So this i get it it keeps cost down possibly, but how much does it keep down? I dont know i dont know and last but not least, of course, because they said they give them to you. There you go. There are your earbuds, so thats nice, though look at the different sizing. You get all kind, thats, thats fantastic! You get six actual pairs right there. You know six pairs of tips. If you cant find the right size, then youll never find the right size thats, six it should should fit. I guess, unless you have like really really large ears or really really small ears, but anything between those two should be good. This is this is in there. This is in there yep, that is in there for sure, okay youre not youre, not being its coming there. We go tight is better than loose. I guess dont, okay, all right! So here we go. This is this: is them yellow box right? I, like the the gray and its cool its kind of that just got that nice little angle line on it, which is neat uh, just some gray gray on black black on black there, you got some light indicators for your power, your usbc and this im guessing Would show you your power level right now, just by hitting that little dot all right, thats cool and then my thought is that if we go into our settings here of course – and we go to our bluetooth scroll to the bottom lets just see if they auto Pop up anything, i dont see any light shine up, so my guess is no lets.

Lets. Oh wait did one flash no lets take this one out anything on them, doesnt, look like theres any tape or anything on it, covering the actual battery connectors. Okay, thats going in the outside. Oh wait, elevate clear! Here we go boom so as soon as i pulled it out of the case connected and they kind of for im, always right in that medium right. So they have a very nice fit like a very nice fit and they they just have a nice fit like the finish is nice. They kind of have that same kind of tone as the case right that kind of matte satiny type color to them, which i like, and these these are connected, which is good theyre connected somewhere up here. Where are they elevate clear? There we go okay, so number one lets bring out the old manual here, because we need to figure out, of course, how to turn the noise canceling on and off press and hold the left or right for two seconds to toggle between active noise, cancelling ambient and Default so left or right, two seconds right id say its almost maybe a little little longer than uh two seconds, but it it theres a voice prompt. So she actually says anc on okay lets just hold ambient mode and lets see. Oh yeah. Ambient mode is really good. Actually, oh yeah their their ammunitions, fantastic like you can. You can pick up everything and my voice actually sounds louder to me than probably it normally would, but i can hear that clear as day thats excellent and should be normal default mode.

Yeah still, i can hear this, but not as good as through the ambient mode and then back to anc mode and c mode on now. What im going to do here and this this may sound strange that im going to do this, but im doing it im. Just going to go into the old youtubes here and im going to type in like rain rain sounds okay. Gentle rain sounds yep, because i want to hear how much this pulls off. Even honestly. Listening to this guy talk its hard for me to hear it. I can hear it, of course, but not not well the typing test. Okay, so lets skip this and go to the rain and im curious. If i turn this off, oh yeah, like thats thats, a big difference right, big difference, default mode, yeah, im back in ambient mode, yeah thats, a good good difference lets go. Lets try wind just uh just to have some wind up there, wind in the trees wind in the trees, lets try it. This is some sound Applause now its not as if it takes it completely away right. I can still hear the wind for sure, but like theres, a big difference whenever you switch to like the uh default mode or the ambient mode like its a huge difference, so yeah its, i see thats, i see this doing thats doing pretty good. Actually now i dont even know im going to pause. This were going to go here and actually turn on the uh app, because i got the anc on lets turn on this app here.

Ellivak here we go, you guys will be able to see it. I like to use bluetooth yeah. Nothing is more important, gotcha gotcha, except nothings, more important than your privacy thats. What theyre saying there it is boom found them. So if i go to settings turn off, you can turn off enc right turn it on and you can. You can lets see im going to turn this back on environmental stuff. Now, my guess is this is going to be strictly maybe for calls right, possibly go in here now: push notifications, yeah, okay, but thats going to be it really is doesnt sound like it has anything much to do with your anc, but just your enc. So your environmental noise canceling, once you kind of have it where you want it im going to crank mine all the way up. You just hit it to save, save it yeah, so um id like it to see. I like it because it runs both anc and enc combined right, so id be interested if they can add some more features into the software but useful right. Okay lets listen to some some music lets. Listen to some music were going to cancel this here and quickly were going to go back here. We got some disturb, so i always play some some rock music because thats my its my jam, ready and well crank it all. Oh yeah, those sound good that didnt take long to realize they sound, really good, so not muffled.

I got them at 100 right now, full volume. They really focus a lot more on the lows for sure, lows and mids right so that that low has a little bit of muffle to it, but not much like its and again. This is a really bassy song, so its got a lot of distortion to it. All right, its not bad, not bad. All right lets try something more poppy, so well go in here and, of course, well well do our other song of choice, which of course, is always good old telephone here, which gives us a good idea of kind of those highs and lows, especially for a pop Style song yeah, and you can really tell that they definitely focus on the mids and lows the the highs arent as crispy. I think and thats with the anc on lets, see if we turn that off ambient the bass is really good, though now sound is very similar for sound quality in all three modes, doesnt matter, if youre in anc mode or transparency or uh in the default mode And c mode right actually, for me, i think in anc mode i prefer the sound actually better because it has, in my opinion, just a little bit more treble on there all right so that thats, good thats, good um lets do another test here. So were going to uh bring up filmic, which we can use to actually do a bluetooth, recording and ive got this here so were just going to set our audio to yeah, ellibot, clear, perfect and well turn the camera around and were just gon na were gon Na start, recording so ready three, two one and now what you guys are hearing is the actual audio that is being pulled out from these now just so, you guys are aware too.

I actually have a dehumidifier running behind me now this mic, because its directional like right here doesnt, usually pick it up, but my phone definitely does so you guys should be able to hear it with some of those uh enc. Our anc features kind of kick it in right now to see if its pulling that that hiss, that is coming from out of the uh dehumidifier other than that you get to hear what the mic sounds like, which is, which is also really good. All right. So lets just stop that and you guys are hearing it before. I even i hear it so you know: im not gon na judge the sound quality necessarily on uh or the mic quality in regards to what uh it is. Youve youve heard it. So if youre like you know that sounds good, then that sounds good now realize too right, and this is a big thing – that a lot of people are always like, but it doesnt sound as good necessarily as the mic. Youre recording. Well, no, of course, its not going to this is a dedicated studio mic that is picking up me. This is uh earbuds that are not even right in front of my mouth, so theyre picking up from way back here and, of course, because theyre never going to sound as good as like a studio mic right, but thats still pretty good. So you get an idea. What that sounds like now, i did a call with my wife.

Earlier now you may have seen a little tiny glitch in the matrix there, where i had to cut because my battery died uh. But i actually tried calling my wife to to get an idea of what she thought the sound was like and she she said they sounded fine and i tried to put on this rain and wind sound for her and she was like yeah. I dont really hear it at all. Maybe if im stressing, i might be able to hear it, but she was like its cut out quite quite well, so thats good, because you know weve tried to do phone calls on here, but its just you just hear me talking right. So how good of a test is that so really the only thing i can tell you is weve tested it. If wed made a call – and she said it sounded fine there you go um other than that. You know what sound quality is good, just realize id like to have seen a little bit more on the treble. I actually found uh, unlike a lot of earbuds, that they sounded the best with the anc mode actually turned on for sure, so thats really good um. Other transparency mode was actually really good or they call it ambient ambient mode. I guess really picked up the outside, actually really good, so i was very happy with that and really comfortable. I love the fact that they come with so many different tips so that you should have no issues finding one thats going to be comfortable for you right because thats, a big thing, especially with you know, noise, canceling, earbuds and uh, just sound quality alone.

If you dont get a good seal, then the sound quality suffers, especially with earbuds right or if you have to really get them in there, because the tips dont fit well uh, they could hurt and nobody wants earbuds that hurt. So this should this, gives you a ton of options, which is great. My only my only recommendation for elovak is is really this and thats not just for ella walk. This is all of them. We need to get a little bit long little longer, please a little longer would be great other than that, like i said these should be on indiegogo as of today and ill put links down below to their campaign website, because if you want to get them nows The time because that theyre going to be at their cheapest right, yeah all right, my friends links down below to ellavox indiegogo campaign and thats. It like comment share, subscribe, hit that little notification bell and well have more uh stuff. Coming out tomorrow.