So far as a beginner, i bought it on my friend’s recommendation as she has been using a similar model Music. Some of the things that i like about this drone is that it was super easy for me to fly and control, as i was a little skeptical before buying it. Secondly, it’s really lightweight and i have been carry it with me in my bag pack. Lastly, i am really amazed by the video quality, as i wasn’t expecting it to be that good, but it records some nice videos now talking about some cons since it is lightweight, i have to wait until the wind is gone, so i can fly it as it Does lose control if it’s windy and i wish it included another battery, but other than that i have been enjoying it so far with both flying and recording and would recommend it to everyone. I hope it helps this drone is extremely fun and it is loaded with cool features. I like such as the follow me feature where it hovers above and records you. It is a little harder to fly at first than the beginner’s one i have, but once i got used to it, it was very easy Music. This model is nice, upgrade over e520s, with camera controls from remote and real time, image streaming and sharing from the mobile app. It is much more stable and can maintain the same height without much intervention. Camera quality has been improved significantly.

Overall. This drone is inexpensive. Compact, portable and beginner friendly to stream the images it is as simple as connecting to wi fi. I would suggest you to buy some spare batteries, as one will run out with 15 minutes flying time. It’S, a lightweight drone and hence wouldn’t, recommend flying in windy conditions. Originally, when i picked up this drone, i had low expectations for this price. You can’t expect too much right wrong. I might not be a drone enthusiast, but i do know this drone has all the makings of a quality one. Everything in the description that is promised as true the mobile app is relatively clean and intuitive. The drone is lightweight and fast and all the various modes work as they are supposed to, while this probably wouldn’t work as a professional drone for someone just getting into the hobby. I am very happy with my purchase. I can’t name anything about this drone. It falls short at one tip to others might be to really read the instructions manual, otherwise you might be very confused as to how to start the drone, as i was the first time around, but overall this is a really simplistic and easy drone to use for Pictures or just for flying around, i know i am going to be using this drone. Often Music. Your browser does not support html5 video Music. There couldn’t be a better first drone than this. I have been using it almost every day for the past 10 days.

It has a great built and a sturdy design, it’s easy to control and the best part, as the clarity of the camera attached gives you great photos and videos.