It is easy to open easy to close and store the red sticker sheet, no longer stay flat, but i doubt if i will use it works as advertised very bright and noticeable in the day. It truly helps when launching from a grassy or uneven surface. I didn’t understand why drone landing pads were useful for drones without a pad sensor, such as my holy stone hs700d until i needed to film in a boggy site i’m. No great pilot and my scouting found that the only clear space i had to take off and land was a patch of soggy matted rushes from a recent flood. I chose this pad because it was inexpensive and would arrive before i needed to shoot the smooth uniform surface of this pad literally made the difference between a great shoot and an impossibility or worse, yet a ruined drone. Now i take it out 100 of the time. Even though it doesn’t fit in my drone case, i love how it protects my propellers from grass and weeds, and i suspect it also helps keep grit out of my motors. This pad is easy to pop open and fold back up. I like that. It has one color on each side, though i primarily use the blue side.