Unfortunately genuine pelican case. How can you go wrong? The die cut foam is accurate and protects the drone very well it’s a pelican. So there is that, with the drone and smart controller plus batteries, i wanted something solid to protect my over two thousand dollar investment. The cutouts inside this case are perfect for all your chargers. Batteries controller and the drone very happy and well worth the money spent on a trusted name in cases Music. What can i say: it’s expensive, but it’s a pelican case top notch case for the dji mavic pro 2 drone. I have easy to open in close water. Tight slots are cut or good, and the case is extremely functional for operating. The drone recommended very well designed and made with adequate space for the mavic 2 drone with smart controller and g fly more kit and accessories typical pelican quality. I have other pelican products and they are all superbly made great case. That is waterproof and dust proof and will keep your drone safe and secure a must have fits all of my accessories perfectly, but not too snug to the point i can’t get them out. Music took my mavic to zoom on a river rafting trip to capture footage of our time. After getting some great shots at a rapid, i didn’t want to walk back to camp. I wanted to float back like the rest of my group, packed my mavic away in the pelican clipped it to my life, vest and jumped in rode the rapids.

Then a leisurely float the rest of the way back dry as a bone.