So the we have only my cameraman um hes got to go to work after this and me too so um we have this drone. We dont have the wings on and we have this remote, so the drone wings open up um and then, if you want to put on these hey guys ill show you flying it and guys its one thing. Um today were not doing mowing, but next video well be mowing right. Now, lets keep going okay. Now we just ill put the wings on and well fly itself and its a pretty good drone, just be careful when youre first flying it. When i was first flying it, it went a bit crazy and stuff. It didnt have this much damage on it before it was just going crazy, wasnt it. Yes, it wasnt flying for me properly and so um. Here we go. We just have all the wings on pretty much here. We go just if one of the ones not you just need to be careful, it fits through and stuff, so it doesnt get caught up and stuff, and we have this controller here. This is for backflips and stuff. If you look on these um, you have like buttons and stuff to, and it has a little rattle in the controller and were gon na. Try not to go down there because its just our bush down there. Okay, so im Music, and sometimes you dont, want that to happen.

Its just been a little naughty with us right now. Isnt it always yeah its it. Just dont doesnt want to go, but obviously um to be careful um with it, because its not the most boom boom hit stuff drone um it doesnt its not really made for crashing into trees and stuff.