I really liked how they carefully packaged the drone and all it came with Music. I added feet to mine, so it is a little higher off the ground. It is a very stable quadcopter. You can push it and it will move back to its spot. It is very easy to control easy to use fun to fly, takes great pictures, buy it wow. This thing is amazing, i’ve flown it about 40 times the past few days, and it has worked rock solid. I am so glad i went with the refurbished option as it looks and functions as if brand new, i was still able to get dji care refresh and the standard warranty. I am not one to push it to its max range, but with an ipad connected i’ve flown it about two thirds of a mile away and had a good signal, the whole time, Music, the return to home when the battery gets low as comforting. But i try to keep it within sight at all times and bring it back before it does it on its own. The controls are super smooth. The gesture function is really fun and a crowd. Pleaser too, the only trouble i had was connecting initially to activate the qr code is entirely too small to scan.