Drone would like to read a review of someone who is on the drone for a touch longer than myself. I will say this to any new pilots, though there are a lot of people on youtube that offer tutorials and things like that watch those seriously take time to familiarize yourself with the phantom and the flight controls. I watched so many videos and so many tutorials that when i finally got my phantom 3 advanced, i had a pretty good idea of what i was doing also to new pilots. Take it easy, don’t stretch it out to its limits, your first flight, but as for owning the phantom for a month and had never flown a drone prior, it has been great, very intuitive Music performs so well, and all the safety features really inspire confidence to fly. Super easy to learn to fly. The camera is spectacular. The way the controls are integrated onto the controller transmitter is perfect. It feels so natural and two 7k is a lot better than i imagined pictures. Look amazing as well. Low light pictures are amazing, first class camera. All the way, one last thing that i didn’t see in any youtube videos, but i had an issue with – is the radio quality. Now i was at panama city beach for a church trip and we were getting some footage of the beach and i had the connection cut out on me.