The mini 2 is all of that in a fantastic price, spec wise it’s – definitely not the greatest, but for people who occasionally fly and want to take good video and picks on vacation or fly every now. And then this is all you need. 100 recommended the changes in the remote control are so good. You no longer need to take out the case and fumble with placing the phone on the holder so that you can get the cable in the right place. It may be bigger, but it’s definitely worth the decrease in frustration with dealing with the older one rather than list all the new features here are the practical differences that i noticed the most compared to the original mavic mini. I took this out on a very windy day, with gusts greater than 30 miles per hour in this video. The mini 2 holds stable in high wind. Most importantly, the range is better with ocusync 2 0. I use this to monitor, abandoned railroad tracks. The original mini one would lose video reception after about 1 200 feet following the tracks covering low between dense trees. The new mini 2 reaches about 40 percent. Further in this dense environment, only losing the signal after it is blocked by a concrete bridge Music. The range difference is most dramatic, however, while flying higher with clear line of sight, where the distance is supposed to be more than double 10 kilometers as much further than i would want to test.

There are third party clip on yogi signal boosters that may extend the range even more after the increased range. My next favorite new feature as the much improved remote controller. The mini one has a bad design where larger phones, such as the iphone plus or max series, do not fit on the mount and the cable doesn’t reach with a phone case. The mini two phone mount is so much better. The antenna also functions as a spring. Clip so the phone sits on top in a better viewing position and the larger phones easily fit another wonderful design improvement as the cable storage inside the antenna compartment, so it’s easy to grab and go just the controller and aircraft without having to separately carry the little Cable, Music, the controller now a return to home button and cine normal sport selector switch right on the controller. This is nice, as it reduces the panic when i am trying to locate the return to home on my phone screen when someone is trying to call me on my iphone. The other new feature i love is the ability to do 4k, video wide angle, 180 degrees and sphere panoramas versus 2 7k on the mini one it’s hair raising to see the video results play back on the computer. It feels like cinematography quality video with a cute little thing that fits in the palm of your hand looking closely at the two side by side.