. It is easy to fly. I even took it out over water on my first flight, although briefly and controlled in cinema. Despite the small compact size, it is surprisingly stable and takes sharp images. Even in some wind, the controls are responsive and setup, is intuitive and plug and play, while still providing numerous options for customization as a first drone. This is a winner. I am happy with this purchase and highly recommend this product Music december 18 2020 update after using it for a couple weeks. I’Ve encountered a couple issues and i will probably return first issue. While flying the drone in sport mode. The gimbal keeps tilting and moving when moving at a fast speed. Most users have noticed this issue. I don’t know if dji will be able to fix this issue with software second issue. The drone started to tilt to the left, while in flight i’ve been searching and noticed, others have the same issue. I tried to calibrate it numerous times and it still does the same. I am really enjoying flying this drone way better than the original mavic mini. I am still testing its capability on different things. I will most likely keep it. I had previously ordered the mavic mini and i was not impressed at all. The fly range connectivity was terrible with the mini 2. I am still waiting to lose signal, definitely recommend. As of now, i bought the mavic mini fly more combo over one year ago.

It has been one of the best under 250 grams photography drones. I have flown dji has done a nice upgrade job as the mavic mini 2 has everything i was hoping for in the original mavic mini, starting with what i like best in order of priorities of the mavic mini 2, which prompted me to upgrade 4k video at 30Fps, this put us on par’s other popular 4k drones nowadays, Music. It also supports 1080p at 60fps for slow motion. The video is stunning, with better saturation than the malvik mini the availability of ocusync 2 0, which provides much better video transmission and distance 10 kilometers versus 4 kilometers as compared to the mavic mini’s wi fi system. It also has less interference from areas with heavy wi. Fi signals improved wind resistance about 24 miles per hour per second on the mavic mini 2 versus 18 miles per hour on the mavic mini for more stable flights. No more worries about taking it out in the windy weather, improved features for photography, including digital zoom, 2x zoom for 2, 7k, 4k and 4x zoom for 1080p panorama. Raw format and auto exposure bracketing faster speed with the new improved motors for those who want to use it for filming sporting events. The above improvements alone have made paying 100 extra for the mavic mini to fly more combo over the mavic mini worth. Every pennies here are some of the other features worth mentioning. The mavic mini 2’s controller is similar to the one used in mavic air 2.

. It is better ergonomic for the hands and eyes the phone is mounted on top of the controller instead of the bottom Music. The charging unit can also be used as a battery pack with a standard usb port for charging other devices. This battery charger can only charge one battery at a time. I would recommend to use the charger from the dji package as a discharge faster as compared to other standard usb power adapters.