It is nice to keep your drone dust free, but charging one battery at a time was tedious. It became glaringly apparent when i did a sunset flight with a friend started charging my three batteries at 10 pm at night. It had to wake up two or three times in the middle of the night to change the batteries to get them all to full. To be able to fly the next morning, one other issue is sometimes batteries can be defective and leak or burst, while charging always charging the batteries in the drone puts it at risk of damage or being destroyed during malfunction. This two way charging hub accessory, is well priced for its build quality and the fact that its smart charges, your batteries and remote control are all in one device. The charger is almost all plastic, but it has that smooth high quality feel batteries slide satisfyingly into the charging slots and engage with a reassuring click. The thing a lot of people probably wont understand about the charger logic is that the batteries are not all charged at the same time, but instead charge sequentially from the most full to the least full. When you put your batteries in each will show the charge level with individual gauges for each battery Music. The reason is to get you flying as quickly as possible, so the most full battery is topped off. First, if you have a quick charge, certified charger. 5, volts 3 amp.