I have 3d printed a storage container to sit in one of the battery ports, as you can see in the picture, a simple and easy to use product for charging the mavic mini batteries and controller. If you got the basic package, the only way to charge the batteries is by inserting them in the drone. This allows up to three batteries to be charged along with the controller be aware, this does not have a charger, it requires a charger that has a minimum of about 18 watts of output. A simple usb charger from a phone or the computer may not work. I have the xendra charging base. It has two outputs that can be used for 100 watts of charging and 18 watts. This one works fine with this device, so it is a simple and easy to use device for charging the batteries and the mini drone controller. Make certain you have a good charger kind of expensive for what it does, but it’s a great asset for all mini owners: Music, a must, have item for dji, mavic mini great product Music arrived in perfect condition, very easy to use and works as described Music. I understand what this does, but it feels very, very thin and weak. I haven’t had it long and have not used it. I took it out and examined.