I had a toy drone before, while back, but that broke instantly. So i never really learned how to fly a drone better. I had the spark in mind, but then this mavic mini released and its simplicity really attracted me after watching countless videos of it. I finally bid i went with this bundle because it included things that benefits me like the backpack landing pad and sd card. The mavic mini is perfect for a beginner like me, i didn’t have to register and pay extra fees to fly it and it’s easier to travel with. I really like the backpack too. I basically cut it out the inside, so i could place the entire fly more. Carrying case inside the bag itself, by doing this, it really protects my mini controller and batteries from drops and maybe even light rain. I do have a waterproof cover that i could put over the backpack. If anything, i also packed my small point and shoot camera and a 360 camera, along with a selfie stick: small monopod on one side pocket and a bendable monopod on the other side pocket. I have a hydration pack at the back too so it’s small but big enough to fit my travel friendly items.