I tried a few low price drones and was disappointed, but this one made me smile it’s by far the best for the money. I am not a brand junkie, a drone doesn’t have to say dji to be good or a great value, it’s very easy to get similar value at one third, the price until the mini. I decided to pull the trigger after a couple of initial reviews on release week. I could not have made a better purchase. The mini is small and portable has a quality, build and loads of tech and features that compare to much more expensive drones out of the box. It is easy to fly with little to no difficulty for novice or first time flyers. After your initial charge of the mini and transmitter, you can be flying in less than 15 minutes from downloading and installing the dji fly app to launch once in the air. The mini is incredibly stable and responsive between downward sensors and gps. There was no drift at all in 15 miles per hour winds. The 3 axis gimbal worked great in the included video. When i stopped in front of the statue, i was actually doing small random pitch and roll, and you get nothing but stable video. One of the best features is battery life.