Music. You don’t have to take my word, for it look up reviews on youtube. They all pretty much say the same thing. This is one of the best values in beginner drones and that’s. True before flying the mavic mini, you could say i was a stone. Cold. Beginner i’ve only used sub 40 drones before this. The mavic is awesome in so many ways and jam packed with professional features. Music there’s easy, quick shot modes. If you just want it to take off and circle, one button will do it. Another thing that makes it easy for beginners is the app uses gps positioning to let you know where the no fly zones are. It also performs pre flight checks to make sure there’s no special flight restrictions and lets. You know projected the weather forecast now, after starting on the ground level, with sunshine and a light breeze. If it encounters high winds as you climb in altitude, it will give you warnings about that too. So, you’re pretty well notified at all times about any variables that will affect your flight Music. The other cool feature is the home button. If, at any point you get turn around or just want to get, the drone back in one piece holding the home button will return it safely back to its takeoff point Music. There are so many professional features that most folks may not even understand or take advantage of, but it’s nice to know you can adjust for lighting manually control, iso and aperture lock, just like a high end.