These guards easily flew through hanging limbs. I didn’t notice during my walk, through certainly an inexpensive investment that i believe saved me. The cost of a mavic air 2 after spending close to 1 000 for the mavic air 2 combo pack. It was a no brainer to purchase this propeller guard. The propeller guard is very easy to put on and take off the drone, while it does significantly increase the footprint of the drone. Practically speaking, it has saved my drone and my wallet on more than one occasion from a performance point of view. The app does warn you that, having the guard attached to somewhat limit performance in terms of speed, height and distance of travel, but until you are an expert pilot id sacrifice, some minimal performance for the protection of the drone any day Music. These prop guards for the mavic air 2 will be good to prevent slow bumps into walls or clipping small tree branches. They are easy to install and seem well balanced. The guards aren’t super strong, so don’t expect them to protect from full on crashes. The clips are suspect for breaking, but just be easy on it. I guess Music. The protection bands could have covered the full 360 asterisk of the suas Music. I got this to fly indoors. A silly me it’s, actually more frightening to fly it indoors with the cage. As those props cut the air at an alarming rate, but if you’re a novice pilot like me taking it outside where trees are around and you want to check out the features it does protect the sides and if it breaks them in a side collision and saves The drone once well, then it has done its job well until the next episode fly well and drop height, when the wind wants to take you away, we were traveling to an area with a lot of trees.

I’Ve never used prop guards but thought they might be. A good idea for what i wanted to shoot. These are easy to install work great and protect the props extremely well. They are not full cage protectors like on the mini, but they cover most of what you want easy to install reasonably strong. Considering it doesn’t weigh very much. I flew sideways towards a wall to see what it would do and it harmlessly bounced off. I was moving pretty slow. I wouldn’t recommend this for normal speed flying sideways into a wall, but in tripod mode this could be just what you need to safely fly indoors nicely constructed hope it protects.