I’Ve been wanting a drone for quite a while and i’m so happy. I waited for this. Gem produces great quality and captures nice photos was pretty impressed with it. Considering i’m a beginner at flying. Definitely gon na need an extra battery don’t hesitate and get it Music. The mavic air 2 really is fun to fly and it’s easy to see how it does everything better than older generations. I took it out for the first time in high wind conditions, and it held up really well got some great short videos with quick shots on our hike. The new active track is really responsive. The camera is miles ahead of the mavic pros and it stayed in the air for a crazy long time. One battery gets you up to 34 minutes. Also, the new warning system that alerts you when another aircraft is nearby said there was a helicopter was approaching about a minute after the warning showed up a helicopter swooped in at an unexpectedly low altitude. Fortunately, i was able to bring the mavic back just in time. Setup didn’t take long and was pretty intuitive the tutorial videos when you first boot up the app are a nice refresher for those who haven’t flown in a while, but warning charge the batteries with the single battery charger instead of the charging hub before you first use Them apparently, this can prevent battery issues. Some users have reported responsive tracking video quality. Oh my love this because following does not dance around and act like it may have turrets like some other drone known for tracking, very smooth, oh and all the other goodies.

Like 48 mb pictures 8k time lapse, the attached images are at 200 feet Music. I o dji my livelihood seriously. My roi from their products has like 50k percent or something like that. They never disappoint. This is already my fourth drone. Third one from dji Music. For me, they are the best brand out there. I use the mavic mini for places that have more restrictions, but mainly use the mavic air. My first drone was the skydio r1, which i sold about a year ago. It was my first and biggest mistake honestly too expensive and i never got to use most of the custom coding flight modes and other advanced features in any way, but now that i’ve got the mavic air 2, i couldn’t be more satisfied in the drone world. 4K. Is actually a standard, but now it shoots at 60fps too. This allows me to slow down my footage up to 30 to 40 very ideal for making hyperlapse videos by the way you could shoot hyperlapses in 8k.