My roi from their products is like 50k percent or something like that. They never disappoint. This is already my fourth drone. Third one from dji. For me, they are the best brand out there. I use the mavic mini for places that have more restrictions, but mainly use the mavic air. My first drone was the skydio r1, which i sold about a year ago. It was my first and biggest mistake honestly, Music too expensive, and i never got to use most of the custom coding flight modes and other advanced features in any way. But now that i’ve got the mavic air too, i couldn’t be more satisfied in the drone world. 4K is actually a standard, but now it shoots at 60 fps too. This allows me to slow down my footage up to 30 to 40 percent very ideal for making hyper lapse. Videos by the way you could shoot hyper lapses in 8k. With this drone, i use this mainly for bird’s eye footage of rural properties. Did you know that this is the only model that allows you to shoot 240 fps at 1080p? It allowed me to play around with slow motion like never before, but coupled with the poi 3 zero feature and adobe premiere, i was able to create very dramatic footage of houses, beach houses, even islands, poi 3.. Zero is essentially a feature that enables the drone to automatically orbit a particular s, really really cool. It helps a lot in enticing online real estate, clients what’s even more impressive, is that this drone lasts 34 minutes with the new okc nc2 0.

It allows me to shoot at 10 kilometers range, which i actually put to the test, while we’ll head to north of los angeles to the desert, see the attached screenshot they’re not lying. I also tested the active track feature which basically made the drone follow us from a bird’s eye point of view, while driving 30 miles per hour, not really useful for my real estate footage, but it was so much fun that we gave it a spin. For me, the weight is perfect, it’s fairly light, yet not too for such a powerhouse it’s, pretty small, just teeny bit bigger than the mavic air and i’m, not just talking about the drone, but also the other components.