The zoom capability is really cool and lets you stay a bit further away from young or hostile targets. Its stability is great, even in high wind. It hardly drifts around at all. The only issues i’ve have with it is when folding the rear arms. The motors rub against the body very slightly, but i just i have been flying taking photos and beautiful video with the dji mavic pro 2 for a couple months now, this equipment has made me look like a pro, so stable, capable user friendly and most of all, Fun for beginners to pros i’ve upgraded from the dji mavic air, and this drone seems to perform very well. I have noticed some issues with the current software running on the mallet too. Some of the features are either not developed or not. Added to the latest firmware. I am not entirely upset about that, but it would be nice to not be beta testers with firmware that doesn’t seem to be finished or refined. With all of that said, i am still happy about my purchase and i have plenty of options before me with the dji air mavic pro and now the mavic 2 zoom. So far. I am impressed with the video connection while flying and it does give me the relief knowing i can fly for quite a ways before i lose signal.