The camera is great for night. Photographers Music works well picture. Quality is fine tried without filters, definitely need them to get colors. To look normal picture. Quality is great and i was able to get some pretty nice shots fairly quickly, because the learning curve on this is not that steep smart controller is highly recommended. Your browser does not support html5 Music video. This is a great drone to have. I was a little questionable about ordering it on amazon, but it is like it just came from dji. It is worth the money, great sensing, great video and picture quality, easy to fly great flight, intelligent modes and more amazing thing to have not only for fun but interest. I hope you buy it. You will enjoy every second of flying Music. Excellent product already did lots of films and pictures. This is my drone. There are many like it, but this one is mine. You get what you pay for this bird has all the bells and whistles paired with the smart controller. This is the ultimate combo it’s expensive, but it is worth it what a great improvement over the first version controller is also an incredible improvement. You will need a sun shade with a highly reflective screen. I sold my mavic pro platinum and recently upgraded to the mavic pro 2 with smart controller Music. The video quality is outstanding and the smart controller is so much easier than using your smartphone having to connect position worry about battery life, incoming calls etc.

Highly recommended and great value – i don’t know what i can say about this thing that others haven’t already it’s so fun and easy to use, and it makes taking great pictures and videos so easy with all the preset smart flying modes.